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I‘ve never been known to be a film connoisseur. Sure, I enjoy movies of genres, but I’m not one to say I know a ton about the medium. Having said that, I do recognize the part that “Indies” and short films play within the industry. It’s amazing what a team of a handful of people with very minimal capital can envision and create. This brings us to San Diego Comic Con.

Having flown by in July, yeah I know I’m a couple months late, the bombardment of emails was everlasting. It was seriously like Hydra, I’d delete one and three more would spawn. It’s just by happenstance that I found one titled “Kepler X-47.” Having no idea what it was, I clicked the trailer on the bus ride to the convention. It was honestly one of those “WTF” moments. I assuredly had a puzzled look on my face and immediately sent it to people I was meeting at the con and told them we had to make time to see this short film. I went in with very uneven expectations, especially since I had never watched a short film and rarely dabble in “indies.” But, I figured we could squeeze it in and take it in stride.

For those astrologists, or late night discovery channel watchers like myself, you’ll know that Kepler  is a binary star system that contains a gas giant that’s in habitable zone. So with Earth being nearly destroyed in this film, why wouldn’t you want to live in a place featuring 10-star amenities? Being a “chosen” one to live a life where you don’t have to scavenge for food sounds ideal to those still left on a nearly ruined Earth. While the film is only 14 minutes long, it really does throw out deep questions to its audience on the topic at hand.


Are we really only “humans” because we are the only form of intelligent life on earth? Are we animals if we go to a place where our species is the minority? And, most importantly, would you rather struggle to survive but in turn have freedom?

The film is intensely perfect at relating its world to ours in real life. The vast majority of us sit at a desk and lazily hammer on a keyboard at the intense eye of our bosses, and we are released only when the clock strikes a certain hour. Our dreams, hopes and freedom are shackled because we’ve taken the easy way out. And, that’s essentially what Kepler X-47 shows us. When we are given the chance we will grasp at the closest straw for that singular gulp of air, even if it means our existence therein becomes futile. 

pairing a rich melodically-eerie tone with victorian costumes furthers the enchantment and its oddity. The cast is small, but the tension is easily felt throughout every scene. I could delve into this for pages, but there’s nothing like actually seeing it for yourself. 

If you’re still interested, you can download Kepler X-47 by providing your Email address at the following link. Kepler X-47 Link.

Kepler X-47 was directed by Erin Li and there are plans to make a feature film adaptation should they find financing.

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