It’s an undisputed fact that gaming is the #1 form of entertainment on YouTube, and just the Internet period! So many casual and serious gamers have become internet celebrities because of this. Now almost every gamer is trying to replicate this success.

I mean why not get paid to play?

But this is a problem, since millions of people are trying to do this…it’s hard to break out. Why watch your channel, when I can watch someone else’? This should be a conversation you have with yourself.

Self awareness is key!

Also don’t try to be another YouTube gamer. There’s droves of wannabe Pewdiepies. But Pewdiepie is Pewdiepie, and you’re you. It’s alright to be influenced by him, but don’t be him. Chances are you’ll come off inauthentic, and people can smell a fake from a mile away.

Be your own purple elephant!

Mix up your content, don’t just try to do lets play videos all the time. Interview a YouTube gamer, review a game, talk video game culture. Mix up the formula. Luckily if you’re being you, you’re already different. You just got to apply your uniqueness.

Lastly do it for fun!

Since everyone knows they could make a living making gaming YouTube videos, a lot of people share for the wrong reasons. Their goal is to get paid to play and not just play. This creates impatience, and the road to YouTube success is a long one. So take your time, and share what you love. Overtime if it’s good, people will come.

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Gabriel Olivero

Gabriel Olivero

You just got hit with the unrelenting force that is my bio. I enjoy all forms video game entertainment and own all handhelds and consoles. My favorite types of games are RPG’s because of the depth of the stories and the characters they center around. Some of my favorite games/series are Pokemon, Mass Effect, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, MineCraft, Monster Hunter, .Hack, Fire Emblem, JoJo and the Tales Of series.

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