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Scorpion, last fall’s hit CBS drama, returned tonight with “Satellite of Love.” At the end of season one, our beloved team of geniuses had scattered. Walter was in the hospital after his car crash. Paige kissed a comatose Walter. Cabe Gallo was relieved of duty, and Scorpion was broken up. Now, the new director of Homeland Security, Adriana Molina (Alana De La Garza), is reassembling the Scorpion team for a new case.

A Russian satellite is headed straight for the Earth’s surface. Should it hit, the impact would be equivalent to an A Bomb. The Scorpion team must race against the clock, hack into the satellite, and head it toward the ocean. The team must come together to once again not only save Los Angeles but also the world. Luckily, we already get to see Happy and Toby working together again. Sadly, Walter is not working at full capacity. Walter is suffering from side affects from his concussion and constantly experiences dizzy spells any time he needs to focus.

Happy and Toby head to the Russian Consulate to hack into their network in order to get the full specs on the satellite. They set up a missile to take the satellite out, but the missile fails rather miserably. Walter originally questioned what really knocked the satellite out of the sky, claiming that space debris couldn’t do this. Now, it seems that they were all out of the loop. The US Government used a dummy satellite to knock the Russian satellite out of the sky.

Paige continues to help Walter type because of his damaged hand. Paige tries to access something on Walter’s computer, only to have the video of Paige kisses Walter in the hospital flash on the screen. Walter hacked into the hospital in order to watch the video. Since Walter isn’t on his game, this hack led to a virus on his computer. Natural that foils yet another plan to stop this satellite. They are now within an hour of the satellite taking out Southern California.

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Their last hope is to send an EMP pulse to reboot the satellite’s system and return to their original plan. If they can get into the satellite’s systen, then they can redirect it over the ocean. Now, can Walter and Paige work together to save the world?

Naturally, the Scorpion writers didn’t hold any punches on this episode. Paige and Walter must ascend in what looks like a giant bubble up toward the satellite. They must use an EMP device to reboot the satellite. With Walter’s bad hand and dizzy spells, he ends up hanging by a thread over the edge of the bubble.

Meanwhile on the ground, Sylvester completes the task of sending the satellite on a trajectory to the ocean. But what happens to be in the satellite’s path? Walter and Paige. Thankfully, they work together and use their one and only parachute to descend together, away from the satellite. Director Molina takes almost all of the credit for averting a major disaster.

Well I guess we will have to wait awhile longer before we get more romance on the Scorpion team. Happy is still refusing to go out with Toby, and he is still pushing. Although, we did get a nice moment where Happy seems to be coming around. Walter and Paige actually started to talk about their feelings for one another but both awkwardly decide to remain colleagues. It seems to be difficult for both of them to deny their feelings, so Paige decides they should test their hypothesis. They share a passionate kiss which ends all too soon with both of them babbling about how it meant nothing.


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Overall 85%
We have only just begun the new season of television, and Scorpion is looking to be firing on all cylinders. They brought back more harrowing events and last minute heroics. We even got a fun scene to open the second season. A very uncomfortable Cabe Gallo was consulting on a Hollywood set. Having Cabe try to tell Gene Simmons how to correctly hold a gun sure makes for fun television. I look forward to seeing what trouble the team finds this year.
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