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Scorpion debuts its second episode of Season 2 with “Cuba Libre.” The Scorpion team must once again complete a hair raising scheme, but this time, they won’t have the help of the US government. They are working on their own on foreign soil, so there is no room for error.

With the team assembled at the garage, in walks a young woman, Sonja. She smiles at Cabe, and Toby’s first reaction is that she must be a love child. Alas, Cabe saved her life 20 years ago, and she is here to ask for his help. The men who destroyed her village and murdered her parents need to be brought to justice. To do that, the team goes after their leader, General Zoric.Rumor has it that Zoric carries a ledger of all of his soldiers responsible for the massacres.

Director Molina makes sure that the team knows that the US Government will not help with this mission. There isn’t enough evidence that Zoric is truly in Cuba, so the Scorpion team wants to go down to Cuba on their own if there is any hope of bringing these people to justice. Although, Molina is defintiely not heartless. She understands that these are terrible people and is willing to help the Scorpion team meet with some contacts down in Cuba.

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Molina sets them up with a former drug smuggler who would fly them in and out of Cuba. Once they arrive in Cuba, some foreign nationals are willing to help them get DNA evidence that Zoric is there and hopefully intercept the infamous ledger. Sadly, even though Zoric is easily spotted, he seems to know that he is being watched. Being an explosives expert, he blows up the car holding their contacts along with their tech. Now the team is stuck in Cuba with ancient technology and no help from the locals.

Sylvester got to stretch his intelligence muscles and show off his abilities. I always appreciate when Sylvester gets something right. They don’t seem to utilize him nearly enough. Sylvester memorized a book about Cuba to try and narrow down where Zoric would go. Now that Zoric knows that they are on to him, he must change his appearance. Sylvester figures out which barber shop he will use, and they attempt to get the DNA evidence. When things go south, they kidnap Zoric.

Zoric kept the ledger in a safety deposit box in a bank. Now, the team must scramble to find anything they can use to break into the bank. That part was fairly easy, but they didn’t anticipate that inside the safety deposit box would be a thermal thumbprint scanner that would require Zoric’s print. Toby uses a sausage and a sticker with Zoric’s print on it to open the box for Happy to steal. At this point, the police are already on their tails, and the bank manager even sees Happy leaving with the ledger.

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With Zoric knocked out for almost this whole ordeal, he manages to snap out of it with less than a few miles to go for their plane ride back to the US. They go after Zoric, and Sonja even has the opportunity to assassinate him. And yet again, the team gets away with only seconds to spare. Zoric is captured and will go to prison. The search will begin for his soldiers thanks to the ledger.

In all, Sonja was an interesting character, but I wish we would have seen more from her. I’m not sure I felt enough for her. Meanwhile, Walter was facing charges for reckless driving. He was offered a plea deal by his lawyer, but he didn’t want to take the deal. The deal involved Walter admitting that he was emotional and that affected his driving. Should he take the deal, he gets community service. But, if he doesn’t take the deal, he could potentially face jail time. In the end Paige makes him see the light, and he takes the deal.

Editor's Rating

Overall 75%
While this episode was good, I hope that next week sees some more advancement with the characters. Walter and Paige are moving at a snail’s pace when it comes to their inevitable relationship. Although, I’m actually more interested in Happy and Toby since it seems that they are both capable of love. The best news is that Sylvester admits that he is in love with Megan, Walter’s sister. Here’s to hoping these two can make it.
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