Muv-Luv, A Very Popular Manga, Takes To Kickstarter To Head West

Koki Yoshiumni has taken to Kickstarter to announce and ush for the funding of Muv-Luv: A Pretty Sweet Visual Novel Series. Along with the rest of the Muv-Luv Team, they are all hoping to bring forth one of the most critically acclaimed visual novels out of Japan and into western territories, such as the United States.  The project calls to completely translate the trilogy of games into English and format them onto the PC/Linux. The PS Vita, however, is listed as a stretch goal should the project make it that far. Less than one day into the funding campaign, the project has already been funded and crossed stage one.

Muv-Luv has ben one of Japan’s most highly praised and critically acclaime graphic novels, which still continues to this day.Overtime, the series made a transition from anime to graphic novel and the, to video games.  Muv-luv began as a high-school visual romance game , where the protaganist, Shirogane Takuru, awakens to find a mysterious women sleeping in his bed. The first game, Muv-Luv Extra,  finds Shiro struggling between this mysterious girl and the childhood friend that he has grown up with all his life. In the second game, Muv-Luv Extra Shiro awakens in a time where aliens, known as the BETA, have launched a massive war upon the Earth, including in his home town. Shiro, along with the girl he loves and his friends,fight in this war using mechs and cutting-edge weaponry. In the third and final game of the trilogy, Muv-Luv Alternative Shiro must choose in a fateful decision that could lead to the demise of mankind.

If you’d like to fund the project, consider clicking on the video above to head to their kickstarter page.

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