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Scorpion starts its third episode this season, “Fish Filet,” strong with an intense prison scene. We are also treated to a look at Walter’s community service. In his community service group, Walter seems to keep getting bothered by a guy named Ray. They obviously have nothing in common, but Ray is a persistent one. He keeps inviting Walter out even though Walter does everything in his power to push Ray away. It’s nice to see Walter in these vastly different social situations where his social awkwardness really shines in a fun way.

Back at the garage, the rest of the team are working through some personal issues. Toby is upset that Happy is seeing another guy after they decided to just be friends. Sylvester doesn’t know how to tell Megan that he loves her. And Ralph is being bullied in school. The team comes together to try to give advice on how Ralph should handle it. The best is when Cabe tells Ralph that he has the punching bag down, so Cabe can teach Ralph how to fight. Ralph just responds, “I gotta go. You can teach me to hit people later.” The comedic timing was spot on. Then, the prison warden comes in and gives them their next case. Now, it’s down to business for Team Scorpion.

The prison Warden informed Homeland Security that he believes that three federal judges are about to be executed by gang members whose leader is an inmate at his prison. The Warden’s confidential informant was murdered before he could help identify the judges, and time is of the essence. The names of the three judges are written on a sheet of paper, but it is in code. Well who better to decode these names in only a matter of hours than Team Scorpion. The Warden doesn’t know who he can trust inside his own prison. He believes that the gang has prison workers on their payroll, so they have to be careful not to tip anyone off. This leaves only one option; the team must get someone inside the prison to find the cypher for the code.


Poor Sylvester is their only hope. While it’s nice to see Sylvester get to lead a case, it’s hard to watch him struggle with the realization that he will become an undercover inmate. I won’t spoil all of his fun as an inmate since this episode is highly worth a watch. Sylvester does figure out that the manual to decipher the code came from the library books that the gang leader checked out in the past few months. But, the pages were nowhere to be found when the warden did checks of his bunk. The next logical solution: the infirmary. The gang leader spends three hours a day three days a week in dialysis, so he most likely stashed the manual in the infirmary.

Now starts the fun. Sylvester must find a way to get himself into the infirmary, and sadly, the warden can’t fake that for him. Sly does find a way; he got into his very first fight. Unlucky for the team, his communications get knocked out because of the fight. Then, the warden is attacked and ends up comatose. Within hours, Sly is inside the prison, but he no longer has any help. Director Molina refuses to get Sly out without the names of the judges even though his life is at stake (remember that fight he got into?).

Leave it to Team Scorpion to find that the only logical way out of this was to break Sylvester out of prison. They need to get Sly out through the morgue, but how will they get him in the morgue? Toby comes up with a concoction of drugs that will make it appear that Sly is dead. Walter finally gets to use his “buddy,” Ray, from community service. Ray helps the team get the drugs to Sly. Sly just has to trust them enough to take the drugs and hope he wakes up. Toby even uses the “you can’t tell Megan you love her if you don’t get out of prison” card to make sure Sly sticks with the plan.


Sylvester steps up to the plate and trusts the team. He gets to the morgue but not before finding the legend to the code. Without the legend, they would never be able to identify the judges. Sly puts his foot down and refuses to leave without the legend. Walter, Cabe, and Sly run around the prison with help from Toby and Paige in order to get the legend. Thankfully, they get it in the nick of time, and Happy is there in the getaway truck to take them home.

After the executions of the judges was deterred, the team could get back to their personal issues. Sylvester found the courage he needed to tell Megan he loved her. She reciprocated, and Sylvester had a sigh of relief. Walter had to step out of his comfort zone by asking Ray for help. Walter even thanked him for being reliable and helping them save Sly. Ray tells Walter, “The Ray way always leads to Victo-Ray.”

The new man in Happy’s life showed up at the garage for Toby to see. He later ends up taking out his anger on the punching bag. Cabe steps in to show him how to control his punches. I enjoyed that Cabe only helped him continue to take out his anger and didn’t interfere too much. He helped out as any friend would. On the other hand, Ralph came up with a genius plan to take care of his bully. He got accepted to multiple Ivy League colleges and then took a television interview about it. He says simply that he’s a celebrity now, and no one picks on a celebrity.

Editor's Rating

Overall 95%
This episode was both highly emotional and so much fun. The case was very interesting and more realistic than some have been. We still got the hair brained schemes that Scorpion is known for, but we got some real emotion and new team members stepping up. I enjoyed that Sly got to lead the case and put his foot down. He proved that he is becoming more brave with each case that they work. This was my favorite episode yet this season, and I can’t wait to see more from Scorpion.
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