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Scorpion dug deep this week in more than one way with “Robots.” This week the Scorpion team was challenged in new ways. Molina, the Director of Homeland Security was nowhere to be found. After her coldness regarding Sylvester in the prison, she positions a new liaison for Team Scorpion. Enter Deputy Director Cooper, a desk jockey clearly in over her head with these geniuses.

Cooper brings a black operation to the team; although, she didn’t realize that Team Scorpion is a package deal. She tries to only enlist Cabe, Walter, and Happy, but Toby doesn’t take this sitting down. Using his skills, he reads her body language and facial expressions to accurately guess the mission. She buckles and allows the team to communicate while the Cabe, Walter, and Happy head to a Navy nuclear submarine in a secure location. On the other hand, Sylvester is ecstatic about being on the receiving end only.

When Cabe, Walter, and Happy get on the submarine at a Los Angeles port, they are briefed by the ship’s Captain as to their mission. There is a device on the bottom on the ocean that has been intercepting the sub’s communications. Happy is supposed to create a mechanism that will connect to the device. Walter will hack into the device to see who is listening. And then everyone can go home; mission accomplished. But, we all know things aren’t as they seem for Team Scorpion.

Everything goes according to plan, but Walter is concerned when he hacks into the device so easily. He’s worried that it’s a trap and asks Happy to remove the mechanism immediately. The Commanding Officer with them says that order needs to come from the ship’s Captain. Sadly, they didn’t have enough time, and the device exploded. The explosion caused the submarine to sink to the bottom of the ocean floor. As if that isn’t enough, the sub is at a 45 degree angle, which traps everyone since the escape hatch can’t be opened at that angle.

Since the Commanding Officer ordered the team to get rid of their comms, Sly and Toby are in the dark. They just barely heard the explosion through the mostly destroyed comms, but they have no idea how to help. Paige ends up going to Deputy Director Cooper for help, but there’s still the issue of not knowing the sub’s location. Sly and Toby work on the location; while down below, Happy and Walter work on a plan to get them out.

Happy and Walter make an escape suit from scratch that will allow Cabe to swim up to the surface and not die from hypothermia before someone hopefully comes to rescue him. Luckily, Cabe is rescued and gets word to the rest of the team. Toby and Sly must enlist the help of Happy’s father to get materials to make an oxygen tank that will keep the crew alive long enough to be rescued.

Even though the situation was extremely emotional for most, Walter and Happy seemed very stoic throughout the whole thing. They kept flashing back to Toby calling them robots earlier that day. In this instance, their robotic attitude seemed to help their focus. They figured out a way to shift the sub so that the rest of the crew could get out using their escape suits. Now, it’s up to the rest of the team to get Walter, Happy, and the CO out of there alive.

But that’s not all folks. The rescue plan can’t go that well! Walter and the CO smell a strange odor coming into the sub. They soon realize that it’s chloride which will kill them within minutes. The CO immediately goes to the sub’s self destruct button. He can’t let the sub’s technology land in the wrong hands. Now, how will they get out? Well they could just use the propulsion from the sub’s explosion to propel them up to the surface in the makeshift oxygen tank that is just big enough for the three of them. Phew, they are all safe, and we can head back to the garage where Walter’s “friend,” Ray, is waiting.

Surprisingly, I’m still enjoying having Ray around. Even though it’s rather strange that they would keep him around, he adds an interesting element. Walter is starting to show more emotion towards Ray. He just doesn’t have the heart to kick Ray out, so he lets Ray stay in the garage. Paige even helped Ray get his car back, which was formerly his home. At the end of the case, Ray gets everyone up and dancing and enjoying a job well done.

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
Walter and Happy were ready to open up to their emotions on the submarine. Walter convinced the CO that his life was worth saving as well and that he shouldn’t go down with the sub. Walter finally seemed to understand that he should open up to his emotions. He begins to tell this to Paige but gets interrupted by Ralph. Hopefully, we can see them continue this conversation later. Happy was overjoyed at being reunited with her father. Will she ever come back around to Toby? I sure hope so. Toby did admit to her father that he loves her. Tune in next week where it seems our favorite geniuses will be disguised as superheroes? Your guess is as good as mine!
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