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“Flash of Two Worlds” started off exactly where the last episode left. We have Jay Garrick attempting to convince the STAR Labs crew that not only is there another Earth, but that he is The Flash in his world. This episode provides tons of answers that left off with the previous episode but opened up so many more.

The big reveal in this episode is the fantastic team up with Jay Garrick and Barry Allen. After Barry closed the singularity, he tore parts of their world leaving it exposed for the other side to come through. Thus, that is how Jay Garrick ended up on what Stein will later call Earth-1 (haha). I actually loved the awkward interactions with Barry and Jay. Too often in shows do characters simply accept one another because, well, that’s why they’re there. Barry relates his traumatizing events with someone with which he thought was helping him, Harrison Wells, to Jay because he is seemingly doing the same thing.

But, throughout the episode, he is forced to work with Jay, and the two have quite the team up, even if only one speedster actually had his speed. The two seem to fit extremely well, and Jay easily fits with the rest of the STAR Labs crew. But, as much as I did enjoy their team up and the villain was actually pretty neat this week, what really hit me was how effective the periphery characters were. My excitement in actually delving deeper with these various characters is growing.

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Cisco has been one of my favorite characters from the start. From the first couple minutes we saw him, I knew he would be one of my favorite characters in the show, and his arc in this episode is fantastic. If you remember, Wells killed Cisco before Barry ran fast enough to go back in time for the first time. Since then, every few episodes he would have a weird “vibe” and have a premonition of sorts and see an event that just took place. His ability here is actually what helped save the other newcomer, Officer Patty Spivot. But, every vision he has is of something bad about to happen. He has been able to keep this power from everyone except for Dr. Stein.

The two don’t have a ton of scenes together, but the ones they do have are great. Dr. Stein’s enthusiasm is met with Cisco’s dismay. He is conflicted because this power is from Harrison Wells, the man who is pure evil. It will be interesting to see how his character will change from the quirky funny scientist to someone that is already starting to get a bit more emotional after each vision.

On a much more light-hearted note, well to begin with anyway, we get another new character in Patty Spivot. She’s the newbie super cop hoping to take down the baddest of the bad, but Joe doesn’t want her on the task force. It’s not surprising; however, considering he is always one to try to keep as many people out of trouble as possible. As you’d assume, it turns out to be exactly what happens in this episode. But, before that, Patty and Barry have various scenes where they clearly enjoy each other’s company; that is to say the least.

Since Joe is actually a decent cop, (sorry GCPD you guys got your work cut out for you) he knows that there must be something behind the reasoning as to why she’s so anxious to join the force. Toward the end of the episode we learn that Mark Mardon (Weather Wizard) killed her father weeks before the particle accelerator explosion. It was clear that she had a deep reasoning for wanting to join so badly, and I’m glad they didn’t drag this throughout the season.

As you can tell, the episode was great. The special effects were top-notch, the interactions amongst all characters was great and Barry’s inability to completely get over what Wells has done to him is actually nice to see. Most shows would let that go eventually, but it’s clear it will be in the back of his mind for seasons to come. Having said that, I feel they packed certain scenes with completely random encounters that made the episode a bit bloated. All in one episode, we saw the following: Dr. Stein suddenly have a heart attack (or something to that effect), Joe’s wife (and Iris’ mother) randomly shows up, and Wells is shown in the closing moments and the reveal that the biggest breach of the 52 (they definitely didn’t hold back on Easter Eggs as you can see) is right at STAR Labs. If anything, it’s quite certain that they are not worried to fly (or run at super speed if you prefer) through tons of source material.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
It’s amazing that we never have a bad Flash episode, just ones that aren’t as spectacular as others, and that’s where this one lies. I enjoyed a ton of the episode, but just feel it was too randomly bloated for what was necessary. I am glad that the episode was exciting and opens a ton of potential story arcs in the future, but letting these various stories breathe would be beneficial.
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