Nintendo Begins Distributing Software Development Kits for the NX

According to the Wall Street Journal [paid subscription needed], Nintendo has reportedly begun sending out the software development kits for their upcoming console and handheld, codenamed the NX. It seems as though the final console specs haven’t been finalized, but with the NX Nintendo is planning on using “industry leading chips” in their new system. This is the first time since the GameCube that Nintendo has gone for cutting edge tech. The Wii saw a smaller increase in capabilities than its contemporaries, but Nintendo was focused more on developing their motion controller, the Wii Remote.

More than likely this means that Nintendo is ready to roll out its Wii U and 3DS successor for a Holiday release next year, at the earliest. We will probably hear about the console in early 2016 with a more complete look at E3 2016.

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Rob Hernandez

Rob Hernandez

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