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Scorpion isn’t pulling any punches with “Super Fun Guys.” The crew, sans Sylvester, head to Kazakhstan where they are working to find a stolen Soviet era nuke before it falls into the wrong hands. Sylvester stays home to be with Megan before she undergoes a deep brain stimulation procedure to help her quality of life living with MS. She asks Sylvester to be there when she wakes up but to not let anyone know ahead of the procedure since the doctors don’t know what will happen.

Meanwhile, the rest of the team heads to Kazakhstan. Of course, they can’t go in as part of Homeland Security, since the men guarding the nuclear missile might get tipped off. They must go in undercover and what better than to go undercover as part of an American film crew. Of course, they are going undercover as part of the Super Fun Guy movie crew, based on Sylvester’s favorite comic. It’s a shame he can’t be there to see any of it.

Now, the team needs to figure out where the nuke is. Then, a Navy Seal team will come in to recover the missile. Team Scorpion devises a radar that will essentially act as a camera that can process movement through the walls of the warehouses. They disguise this in a film camera. Once they find the warehouse holding the missile, they alert the Seal team. But, we know it can’t be that easy. A fake film scout goes to talk to the team. When they realize that he is actually one of the men guarding the missile, they tie him to a chair.


The fake film scout alerted his fellow guards to his suspicions, and the Navy Seals have been grounded. Kazakhstan closed their borders claiming an outbreak of swine flu. Now, the Scorpion team is on their own with no way out of Kazakhstan and no way for help to get to them. But, they still need a way to get the nuke out of the bag guys’ hands. I guess it’s a good thing that Sly stayed behind after all.

Walter comes up with a plan to neutralize the missile by submerging the Uranium in Nitric Acid. Sly helps them get into a munitions facility where they sneak out some nitric acid. While all of this is pretty crazy, it somehow makes sense. They take the nitric acid back to the film location where the nuclear missile also happens to be. If the team can get to the underground tunnels, they can get into the warehouse with the nuke. But, it seems that the actual Super Fun Guy movie set is in full swing.

Sly is the only one who seems to understand the easiest way to blend in. They all must suit up as characters from Super Fun Guy as to not raise any alarms. Again, this makes sense. They successfully sneak into the warehouse and start the process of neutralizing the Uranium using the Nitric Acid. But, the chemicals end up producing laughing gas which Toby breathes in. He becomes very loud and can’t stop laughing at the entire situation. Naturally, this alerts the bad guys who don’t take kindly to their missile being harmed. For being geniuses, sometimes it’s surprising that they don’t foresee these things.

Thinking fast, the team gets on the truck bed with the missile, while Happy gets in the driver’s seat to get them out of there. The bad guys chase after them. Cabe calls Homeland Security, but their hands are tied. They can’t send in a chopper to rescue the team, but there is an organization who can. Now, it’s up to Sly to get to the NATO office to save the day. Sly doesn’t exactly drive, but luckily, Ray is as nosy as ever and takes the lead. Ray gets Sylvester to the NATO office, so NATO can send help to the Scorpion team.

It was really fun seeing the team get into these ridiculous superhero costumes. They even all made a crack about the weird outfits. Walter thought they should get more pay for this work. They fake film scout they caught even said, “I can’t believe I got caught by you people.” It was nice to see them having fun with the wild situation.

On the other hand, Sylvester had a tough episode. His love for Megan is strong, but he’s struggling with her decreasing health. Walter even notices that something is weighing on Sly and asks if he wants to talk. Sly wishes he could but remains strong saying that he can’t talk about it. Walter was nice about it and didn’t press Sylvester. Even Paige noticed this surprisingly gentle act and made a point to tell Walter that he’s getting better.

The greatest question for future Scorpion episodes is what will happen with Happy and Toby. Toby has been pining after Happy for awhile now, but she is standing her ground on them just being friends. After their adventure in Kazakhstan, Toby realizes that he can’t be friends with her. He wants more, and he’s like an addict. Toby admits to Sylvester that he needs to quit cold turkey. He even turns down some quality time with Happy at the end of the case to go train with Cabe. The boxing training must be doing something since Toby actually knocked out one of the bad guys!


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Overall 85%
I’m still enjoying the few moments we get with Ray each episode. This week he was trying to help out with the renovations to the garage or as he puts it “Ray-novations.” He really believes that he’s part of Team Scorpion even though they aren’t the most accepting bunch. Within the next few weeks, I really hope to see more progress with the relationships that they have been hinting at forever. Also, we should be seeing how well Megan’s procedure worked. She’s worried that she doesn’t have much time left. Here’s to hoping that she’s wrong because I would hate to see what this would do to Sylvester. In the meantime, keep tuning in to Scorpion for more adventures.
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