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This week, the Blacklist delivered a very interesting criminal in “The Djinn.” Red and Liz actually enlist the help of the FBI to track down the Djinn and end up going to Aram’s apartment for his help. Red tells Aram about the Djinn saying, “They say she can make any fantasy come true.” It seems that they are hoping for the Djinn to help prove Liz’s innocence. It was nice to see a small reunion between Liz and Aram. He was genuinely happy to see her. Aram did warn them that he would have to report their visit to Ressler, which is exactly what Red wants.

Aram reveals that Tom is back in the picture and is trying to help Liz. Aram spoke of Ressler and Tom’s conversation and how Ressler won’t let Tom help. This clearly peaks Liz’s interest, but Red is concerned. He warns Liz that she can’t contact Tom. For now, they must focus on finding the Djinn. Red believes that the Djinn has helped at least two high ranking members of the Cabal live out their own fantasies.

Once the FBI gets wind of the Djinn, they realize that she is connected to the kidnapping of a wealthy businessman, Bahram Bakhash, who is the founder of Azeri Financial. It’s clear that there is a plot against Azeri Financial and Bahram himself. Newcastle Venture Group has planned a hostile takeover of Azeri Financial. The FBI knows that Newcastle Venture Group is a front, but they can’t yet trace it back to anyone.

Liz plans a meeting with the Djinn; she and Red hope that the Djinn can help them get to the truth and clear Liz’s name. When she sits down with the Djinn, Liz explains that she wants the people who framed her to admit to it and pay for what they’ve done. The Djinn says she doesn’t believe that, and it’s not what Liz deeply desires. She says Liz dreams of a lost world, another life. Later, Liz admits as much to Red. She admits that her deepest desire hasn’t changed; she dreams of taking a walk in the park with her husband and her daughter. She dreams of a family.

Photo from the episode "The Djinn"

Photo from the episode “The Djinn”

Liz didn’t let the Djinn distract her from the mission, and she planted a bug on the woman’s shoes. When Liz and Red show up at her house, Red immediately says, “You’re not the Djinn.” It is revealed that she is only the face of the Djinn. The real Djinn found her in her former life as a brand ambassador. Red and Liz make her lead them to the real Djinn who turns out to be none other than Bahram’s daughter, Nasim.

Nasim has been planning her revenge on her father for years. She was behind the Newcastle Venture Group and has now taken over his company. Unbeknownst to Liz, Red knew exactly why Nasim was so hellbent on getting revenge on her father, and it sure is a doozy. Nasim was born Nasir, a male Arabic name. Nasim was born a male, a first born son to Bahram, which would mean the keys to the company. But, Nasim was gay, and in Bahram’s eye that was unforgivable. Bahram forced his first born son to become a woman; therefore, she became a second rate citizen in his eyes.

It was refreshing to hear Red go off on Bahram. He asks Bahram who it was hurting that his son was gay. Red doesn’t understand how he could do that to his son and force him to become a woman. Bahram claims that it was for her protection, but Red thinks that he was just disgusted by his son being gay. After Red’s lecture, he explains that he needs to see the Djinn’s ledger. He tears out a page and leaves the rest of the ledger along with Nasim for the FBI.

Photo from the episode "The Djinn"

Photo from the episode “The Djinn”

Tom Keen is starting to prove useful in this episode. He sits down with Harold Cooper to talk about Karakurt. They believe that Karakurt is still in the US since he betrayed Russia, and the Russians would shoot him on sight. Tom seems to find a way into the criminal organization who they believe to be hiding Karakurt. His way in is through a young man named Asher Sutton. Tom works on his new persona to make sure to get Asher’s attention. Tom gets a full makeover including a fancy watch and suit. He gets the job done, and Asher wants to sit down for lunch, even noting that Tom is an interesting character. I would have to agree.

Apparently I’m not the only one rooting for Liz and Tom to be together. With Liz’s greatest fantasy being a family, it’s clear that she feels that she could have that with Tom. She calls the restaurant to get Tom’s new number. When she calls him, he is so delighted to hear from her. She tries to warn him to stay away, but he’s not having it. He’s already working on a way to save her. Before he hangs up, Tom tells Liz that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Dembe is still having a terrible time. He finally works with the other man being tortured to plan an escape. Did anyone else have a hard time recognizing Dr. Vargas? They overpower the guards and steal a car. Dembe looks in the classifieds of a newspaper and shows Vargas what number to call to find Reddington. He then shoots Dembe and leaves. Vargas calls Mr. Solomon to give him the good news. I hope Dembe lives through this so he can help catch these guys.

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
It keeps feeling like things are moving along at a snail’s pace. Liz even said what I’m sure everyone is feeling by now. She wonders what good another list of names is. She feels like they just keep running in circles but haven’t really gotten any closer to taking down the Cabal. I’m hoping that Red’s plan will be revealed soon because he has to have a plan, right? While I found this episode intriguing, I’m ready to keep moving this story along. Hopefully, we will start to get a peek behind the inner working’s of Red’s schemes. Does Red even want Liz to be free, or does he just like keeping her by his side? Here’s to hoping more is revealed next week.
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