More Street Fighter V Leaks: Release Date, Dhalsim, and DLC Characters

Update: The Dhalsim Trailer is up now.

This week is Paris Games Week, and Sony is scheduled to have a conference in the next few minutes and with it more Street Fighter V information. Eurogamer (check out the Google cached page here) accidentally let slip some important information regarding the game. Firstly, Street Fighter V’s North American and European release date is scheduled for February 16th, 2016. Next, Street Fighter veteran Dhalsim will be playable when the game launches. This confirms the PC’s Beta datamine that showed Dhalsim in the game files from a few days ago. But for those of you who are disappointed the final game’s roster, there are going to be six more DLC characters to be released throughout 2016 bring the total up to 22.

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Rob Hernandez

Rob Hernandez

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