Amazing Naruto Event At New York Comic Con This Year

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I’ve been attending New York Comic Con for over 7 years. Every year I hope it makes my skin tingle and eyes widen like it did when I was 15. Sometimes it does, most the time it falls short. And widely because of how mainstream the event has become, and me being annoyed that SDCC gets crazy announcements, guests and more…NYCC gets treated like a 2nd cousin.

This year was something special though. And it was mainly because of one thing…Naruto. You’re probably like whaaat? Naruto!? This year NYCC had literally a once in a lifetime moment. Masashi Kishimoto the creator of Naruto, and Junko Takeuchi the voice of Naruto, attended the event this year.


By the way…this was Kishimoto’s first time traveling to America let alone NYC. And it wasn’t to just say hello, it was to give naruto its final send off in the grandest of fashions. We had a live panel, where Kishimoto answered questions and even drew LIVE! For everyone to see.

Then we actually got to see the American premier of Boruto with Kishimoto and Junko both present. An autograph signing done at Barns & nobles and an exclusive Naruto #72(the last installment) was being sold as well.

Here I was in the thick of a series I followed since I was like 12 or 13. I grew up with these characters. And this would be the final time I’d see them grace the page or screen. Goosebumps were at an all time high and I almost cried several times during that weekend.

Because of Naruto my love for NYCC was reignited. It reminded me of why I attend events like these every year. It reminded of that little kid inside who geeked out at school with his friends, and ran home to catch the latest episode. Of a KID! who just loves anime, comics, and video games.

So I Guess the moral of the story is get your ass to a comic con near you, and of course check out Naruto DATTEBAYO!  😉

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