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Scorpion tested a lot of emotions in their latest episode, “Crazy Train.” The episode starts out with the team trying to convince Toby not to do something stupid. It seems like a case, but rather, it is Toby’s first boxing match. The entire Scorpion team shows up, except Happy. Toby is stung by her absence but tries not to let it get to him. Unfortunately, Toby gets knocked out within seconds. I guess he can’t psychoanalyze his way out of everything.

Well, it’s Saturday in Los Angeles, and the Scorpion team is officially off for the weekend. Ray tries to convince Walter to go with him to the beach, but obviously, Walter only wants to work on his rocket. Walter even turns down spending the day with Paige and Ralph to work. Naturally, this turns out to be a mistake. Paige and Ralph get on a subway headed for the museum when the train runs straight past their stop. Paige tries to keep everyone calm, but Ralph knows something’s wrong. He calculates that the train is now gaining speed and fast.

The Scorpion team regroups at the garage to try and help Paige, Ralph, and all of the passengers on the train. Subway trains are only supposed to run about 30 miles per hour, but the train they are on is creeping up to 90 mph and gaining speed. Walter hacks into the Department of Transportation to see what’s going on. At first they think it’s just a glitch in the system, but after Ralph gets Paige into the control room, it’s clear that this is deliberate. Someone removed the lever that would enable Paige to switch the train from automatic to manual operation. The perpetrator is operating the train remotely.


While the team works to figure out how to slow down the train, Toby and Cabe try to get into the mind of the perpetrators. Once the train has become uncontrollable, all of the other tracks are cleared. Homeland Security thinks this could be a terrorist attack, but Toby doesn’t agree. He sees that in this situation, with the tracks clear, anyone could be down there without any interruptions by trains. The most logical place for someone to tunnel into is Los Angeles International Airport. At LAX, the team finds that the thieves stole $50 Million of British gold coins.

Somehow with enough luck, they were right behind the thief and caught up to him with no problem. Now the team just needs him to lead them to his partner who is actually controlling the train. Toby and Cabe put their heads together and figure out the best technique to get the information out of the thief. Cabe uses brute force, which is clearly not working. Toby relies on his expertise and makes it seem like they are burying the guy alive. It doesn’t take more than a minute before the guy gives up his partner.

Meanwhile, Walter clearly can’t stand not being in the thick of it with Paige and comes up with a crazy scheme to get himself on the train. He basically just jumps on to the train going 90 mph and gets Paige and Ralph to break a window to let him inside before he dies. This was a pretty ridiculous move, but at least now Walter is here to help save the day.

Now that Toby is at the computer that is controlling the train, it seems that all will be resolved. But, somehow that isn’t the case. The remote access seems to not be helpful at all, and Walter has to come up with a new plan. He decides that the best way to slow down the train is to decouple the first car. The first car will go careening into the final station, but the rest of the cars will slow to safety.


Walter gets everyone into the other cars, but he stays in the first car saying that he has to stay there to decouple the cars. Sly reminds him that it’s certain death for Walter if he stays. Walter says that it’s certain life for Paige and Ralph. In the next car, Paige is screaming at Walter to not do this. When has Walter ever listened to anyone? He decouples the cars, and his car is careening toward certain death. At the last second Walter devises a plan to get himself off of the car to safety. He’s pretty proud of himself, until Paige catches up with him. She slaps Walter across the face telling him to never do that to her again. She reminds Walter of all of the people who depend on him, and maybe sometimes Walter needs to be a little selfish and think of himself.

The day is saved, and the bad guys are caught. Now, we get to enjoy some character growth. Earlier in the day, Walter saw a photograph of Ray and another firefighter. When Walter asked, Ray got defensive. Ray came around and told Walter about his previous life as a firefighter. His best friend Danny was the one in the photograph. Danny’s family adopted Ray as one of their own since he had no family. Ray is even godfather to Danny’s son. But a fire took Danny’s life too soon, and Ray blames himself. Ray couldn’t even see Danny’s family at the funeral to give them Danny’s medal of bravery. Ray warns Walter of the trouble with pushing those we care about away.

On a more interesting note, Happy has been spending a lot of time with some guy named Chet. Everyone, Toby included, assumed that Chet was a new boyfriend. Well tonight, we got our answer. Toby overhears Happy say that she will meet Chet at a club. The team goes with Toby to make sure that he doesn’t do anything stupid, and to their surprise, they enter a comedy club. Chet announces a very nervous Happy to the stage for a short comedy gig. She tells nerd jokes that don’t seem to make anyone laugh except for Sylvester. At least someone appreciates it. Toby can’t help but be giddy at the fact that Chet is only Happy’s comedy coach and nothing else.

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
While this case was harrowing, there weren’t any real twists or turns. The true reward of this episode was the growth of the characters. Paige and Walter both clearly still have feelings for one another, and maybe now they are ready to explore those feelings. Ray’s character is beginning to take shape, and we are seeing what led him to live such a strange life. I’m hoping that Walter can help Ray reconnect with the people he considers family.
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