Little Green Men | Scorpion “Area 51” Review

The Scorpion team finds themselves in a lot of trouble this episode in more ways than one. “Area 51” takes these geniuses to the most secure base in the U.S. And during this whole case, Megan is suffering in her hospital room. Thankfully, Sylvester is by her side, while the rest of the team struggles to deal with a very emotional situation.

A man from the CIA comes to the garage to enlist the sources of Scorpion. The CIA, of course, has a secret airline and secret planes. But somehow, the CIA can’t seem to keep track of these secret planes, and they lose one of them. The team tracks the last known location of the plane, which just so happens to be right outside of Area 51. The team heads out there and tracks down the plane. It was empty, but they find tools inside that would only be useful in a kidnapping.

Now, the team must figure out where the pilots of the plane went as well as who they are kidnapping. The CIA even said they will double Team Scorpion’s fee, which Walter agrees to within seconds, as long as they can find who the victim is and where the plane is headed. Walter and Cabe stay with the plane, while Happy, Toby, and Paige head to break into the base.


Happy, Paige, and Toby only get so far before being caught. Their story sounds crazy, and the guards don’t believe them. The guards even try to confirm their story with the Deputy Director of Homeland Security, but she only gives their cover story. Now, they seem even more crazy than before. At this point, the pilots have kidnapped their man and are headed back on the plane. Cabe and Walter hide before they are seen, but the plane takes off with them still on board. It’s up to Walter and Cabe to bring the plane back down to the base and take down the pilots.

In the end with a little help from Sylvester and Happy, Walter successfully lands the plane back in Area 51. Okay, so maybe the landing wasn’t that successful. Walter did seem to do significant damage to the plane, but at least everyone survived the landing. The CIA man catches up with the team and tries to silence them somehow, saying that their team knows too much. Leave it to Walter to use some smooth talking to get them out of the situation. The case was a lot of fun, but the real emotion in this episode were the moments when the team was thinking of or being with Megan.

At the hospital, Megan has a respiratory infection. This is very concerning for someone with MS. The doctors seem to think that Megan does not have much time left. Walter leans on Sylvester saying that Sly must push for Megan to do any aggressive treatment available to sustain her life. Walter doesn’t seem to care what Megan thinks or about her quality of life.

It turns out that the aggressive treatment would be intubation. Sly does try to talk to Megan about doing the aggressive treatment. She realizes that this is Walter talking through Sylvester. She asks Sly to stop hiding behind Walter and to be the man she loves. She doesn’t want to go through the pain and the sedation that would come with intubation.


Walter still hasn’t given up that he can save his sister. Walter even says that he wants to preserve her mind. He wants to download Megan’s brain and put her memories into a body that won’t fail her again. Walter just needs some help and money to finish his research. He doesn’t seem to understand that there may not be a way to save her.

While Cabe and Walter are stuck on the plane, Cabe tries to help Walter open up his emotions about his sister. Walter doesn’t want to hear it. All he can think about is how he can fix Megan. Back at the garage, Paige tries to get Walter to think about how he feels about Megan. Walter asks Toby to explain Megan’s condition, which he does. Walter says that he knows everything about Megan’s condition. Paige then asks Toby why Megan’s cells are attacking her body. When Toby says he doesn’t know, Walter gets upset. He remembers that when they first met, Paige said that they save everyone. Walter emphatically tells Paige that he is going to save his sister.

What Walter is having a hard time grasping is what happens if he can’t save Megan. Walter finally goes to the hospital to see Megan but isn’t there long. He gets upset with Sly when he doesn’t see Megan on a respirator, which is her best chance of survival. Sly explains that Megan doesn’t want to prolong her state. Walter leaves without even seeing Megan and says that he just has to take care of it himself. What is he going to do if he doesn’t even get to be with Megan in her last days? I wish he could save his sister, but I don’t think that Walter has enough time. Even with his IQ, it just doesn’t seem possible that he can save her before it’s too late.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
It was pretty fun to see the Scorpion team in Area 51. It seemed like Paige was the only one who believed that there could be aliens there, but Toby and Happy were almost fooled by a shadow. Apparently, logic doesn’t always dictate. I have a bad feeling that Walter won’t be able to come up with a miracle cure for Megan. I don’t want to say goodbye to her, but it seems inevitable. I’m guessing that her death will cause a serious ripple with Team Scorpion. Keep tuning in to see what’s in store for these geniuses.
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