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This week, The Blacklist brought more emotion to an always intriguing character, Samar Navabi, with “Zal Bin Hasaan.” The introduction scene showed two young children in Tehran, Iran. When they were children, Samar and her brother, Shahin, lived through a small massacre in their house. Their parents were murdered for standing up for justice.

Red and Liz have found their next target. Red is trying to get a meeting with someone, but with all of the heat on Red and Liz, the meeting is too risky. We’re not sure who Red is trying to meet, but Red makes a deal. If he can bring Zal Bin Hasaan to the employer, then they can meet.

Knowing that Samar has been chasing Hasaan for years, Red brings the case straight to her. Hasaan is responsible for a bombing that killed her younger brother, Shahin. Now, six people have been abducted, and Hasaan is behind it. Whoever took these people is also an enemy of Israel, so the FBI brings in the Mossad, who have been after Hasaan for years. Mossad even lost a good agent, Samar’s former partner, during a capture attempt of Hasaan.

The Blacklist

They follow Reddington’s leads on Hasaan to a warehouse. The hostages are saved along with a few surprises. Hasaan was keeping Samar’s brother alive as well. Samar was shocked to see her brother still alive. During the breach of the warehouse, it is believed that Hasaan got away. When Red and Dembe track him down, they realize that there’s no way it is the real Hasaan. This means that Hasaan is in the Mossad safe house with the agents.

One of the hostages plants a bomb which explodes while the others use the diversion to start executing Mossad agents. Samar was lucky to get away and hide. She sees the hostage go with guns raised to her brother. He lowers the weapon and calls her brother Hasaan. Talk about a bombshell falling. Now, Samar must use her anger to take down her own brother.

Samar realizes that Hasaan is after a list of Mossad agents and informants who are trying to capture him. Samar burns the list just before her brother finds her. Since she’s former Mossad, they know that Samar has information that they need. Hasaan decides to take her with him. Fortunately for Samar, Hasaan underestimated Samar’s backup. Hasaan and his men are gunned down and captured by Raymond Reddington and company. In order to help clear Liz’s name, Samar lets Red take Hasaan to his contact. Samar later tells Ressler that her brother died in that bombing; the man, Hasaan, is someone that she doesn’t know.

The Blacklist

In his few scenes, Tom was ridiculous and hilarious. He brought Karakurt to Harold Cooper’s house. Harold’s wife even helped to keep Karakurt alive when he tried to die from anaphylactic shock. Even though Tom doesn’t seem to be getting anywhere with Karakurt, he tells Liz a different story. They meet at a restaurant, and Tom tells Liz that this whole ordeal is almost over. Ressler even finds out about Tom and Cooper working together, and he is furious. Hopefully, this doesn’t ruin their chance at clearing Liz’s name.

At the chinese restaurant, Mr. Solomon gets Tom’s phone number from the waitress. The Director gets his team to run a tap on his phone. It’s a good thing Aram is so suspicious. He hacks into the wiretap and overhears Tom and Liz set up a meeting at the restaurant. Luckily, Cooper calls Ressler who tells him about the meeting. Cooper warns Tom in time to not get caught. Ressler is upset when he can’t get to Tom and Liz, but he takes Mr. Solomon into custody. Somehow, the Director is able to convince everyone that they do not work together as part of the Cabal.

There was one good thing to come out of all of this. When it came to light that the Director had a wiretap on Tom’s phone that was not shared with the FBI, the judge is furious. Now, the Assistant District Attorney agrees that the Director and the CIA must vacate the FBI premises. Finally, the FBI will be free of the Cabal. Now if only Tom can get Karakurt to testify for Liz.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
Although we didn’t see a whole lot of traction on clearing Liz’s name, this episode felt like it had more of a purpose. I’ve been warming up on Samar recently, and this episode gave us some clarity on her past. Samar has had a rough life, but she’s become a great FBI agent. We also got to see a fraction of progress with Karakurt. It’s clear that he doesn’t want to testify for Liz, but Reddington just might have an idea up his sleeve. I sure hope this plan works better than the others. Tune in next week for the fall finale of The Blacklist, and see everything come to a head.
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