Double Take | Scorpion “US vs. UN vs. UK” Review

Scorpion delivered an action packed, twist filled episode in “US vs. UN vs. UK.” The team was approached by British Intelligence, MI6, to help take down a gun runner who is responsible for many deaths. On the less thrilling side, we also get to see a little bit more of Megan’s medical issues.

Olivia Cromwell, Director of MI6, will be running point along with Deputy Director of Homeland Security, Katherine Cooper. Team Scorpion must find their way into the UN, easily one of the most well guarded buildings in the world. Agent Gleason, one of MI6’s best, will be used to translate a meeting between the gun runner, Ambassador to the US from the African Nation Buriton: Madaky, and his buyer. They will use this information to arrest Madaky for his crimes.

The Scorpion team miraculously gets past all of the security measures in order to get into the UN building. Now, they just need to get to where the meeting will take place. At this point, Gleason turns on them and changes the mission. It’s no longer about arresting Madaky; now, it’s an assassination. I’m all for the greater good, but this isn’t what the Scorpion team does. They are between a rock and a hard place, so the team plays along.

Scorpion “US vs. UN vs. UK” Review

During a confrontation with Madaky and his security guard, Gleason is shot and tossed down an incinerator. Even with the news of Gleason’s death, Director Cromwell still pushes on with the mission. These geniuses aren’t assassins, but they have to step up to the plate. Otherwise, Cromwell says she will be forced to turn them in, and since they are on international soil, the option is not appealing. Walter convinces everyone that they are doing this for the greater good, and somehow they all go along with it.

Walter devises a plan to make a small bomb go off in Madaky’s briefcase. The bomb would be a small blast only killing Madaky. But, the team can only get so many supplies in the UN building where they are already not supposed to be. Something goes wrong, and the bomb doesn’t detonate during Madaky’s speech. As he is leaving the UN building, the bomb goes off in the stairwell, but it has slightly less power than expected and does little damage. Madaky gets into his limo and gets away.

This is where the twist comes. It just so happens that Cabe is driving that getaway limo. They drive him just far enough away to be able to arrest him. They meet Cromwell and Cooper once they reach US soil. All of a sudden Gleason appears; he’s alive. Cromwell realizes this was all a ploy and turns her gun on Cooper. It turns out that Cromwell has been working for Madaky. Luckily, the Scorpion team figured it out early on and all of the things that went “wrong” were actually planned. Even Cooper had an ace up her sleeve. While she didn’t know the plan, Cooper did have her suspicions about Cromwell. Cooper removed the bullets from Cromwell’s gun. When the team asks how she knew Cromwell, Cooper said that she knew her team wouldn’t just go along with an assassination plot.

Scorpion “US vs. UN vs. UK” Review

Sylvester got to stay at the hospital to be there for Megan. We first see Megan with tubes coming out of her. Somehow, she is intubated even though that was the last thing that she wanted. She knew it would put her in a lot of pain, and she was not willing to put herself through that. Walter got a court order that said that his sister was unfit to make her own medical decisions. Walter kept yelling at Sylvester saying that if Sly would have just convinced Megan then he wouldn’t have had to get the court order. Walter just wants Megan to hang on long enough for him to come up with a cure.

When Megan gets the tubes out of her, she’s clearly in pain. She’s in tears as she begs Sly to never put her through that again. He explains the court order that Walter obtained, but she begs him to find a way around it, and he does. Here’s another twist I didn’t see coming. When Paige takes Walter to visit Megan once the case is over, he asks why she isn’t intubated. Sly holds up his ring finger where a band-aid sits. Ray married Sly and Megan. Now that Sly is Megan’s spouse, he can make medical decisions for her. He can finally do right by her.

It will be interesting to see what everyone else will think of Megan and Sly’s marriage. At the hospital, Paige was shocked but seemed to want to be supportive. Paige continues to try and get Walter to think about death. When she asks Walter how Megan is doing, Walter says, “she’ll get well.” We know that Walter will be a mess if Megan passes, but what will happen with everyone else’s relationships? Could it bring Happy and Toby together? Will Walter and Sylvester’s friendship ever be the same? Will Walter keep pushing Paige away, or could they finally give into their feelings? Only time will tell, but sadly it’s not looking good for Megan despite all of Walter’s great intentions.

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Overall 100%
Wow! That was my favorite episode thus far this season. I didn’t see any of that coming. I had my suspicions about Team Scorpion going along with a murder plot, but they still got me. I actually gasped when I realized that Sly and Megan got married, so he could make Megan’s medical decisions and do what she wants. Walter is still determined to cure Megan, and I’m still afraid of what will happen if he can’t. Keep tuning in to see what crazy schemes await our favorite geniuses.
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