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Well, it’s that time of year again: fall finale time. The Blacklist’s fall finale, “Kings of the Highway,” was full of twists and turns. Although we didn’t completely get to clear Liz’s name, it seems that we are getting much closer. Karakurt is still in play, and Red has a master plan for proving Liz’s innocence.

It turns out, even though Red is FBI’s most wanted, he can still be found and kidnapped. The Kings of the Highway are a crew that transport people. Although it was never clear who paid them to pick up Reddington, they kidnapped him from a gas station. Liz was inside washing up and came out to find Red and their Jeep missing.

Unsure what to do or who to turn to, Liz calls Samar. Dembe can’t help because he is at a bookstore waiting for some contact to deliver a package. It’s all very mysterious. Liz tells Samar that Red is missing and asks for help tracking him. Liz gives Samar Red’s burner phone number to trace. Since Samar slept over at Ressler’s apartment, she has to use his computer to run a quick search. Samar feels indebted to Red since he helped with her brother.

Photo from the episode "Knights of the Road"

Photo from the episode “Knights of the Road”

When Ressler gets to the office, he immediately takes his laptop to Aram to find out what was searched and then deleted on his computer. Samar tries to get Aram to stop the search, but Aram is upset that Samar lied about why she was using Ressler’s laptop. Aram reveals the contents of the search with Ressler. Ressler is so upset with Samar that he fires her. At least maybe this way, Samar can go help Red and Liz.

While Red is with the Kings of the Highway, he realizes that they have no idea who he is. He even tries to buy his way out of their capture. But, when they see that he’s worth a fortune with the reward from the FBI, they decide to turn him in. What they don’t know is that Liz is holding one of their men, Jasper, hostage. They negotiate a trade: Jasper and two million dollars for Red. Liz agrees even though Red tells her not to agree to that.

Liz goes to the bookstore to get the package from Dembe. She takes it to the Kings of the Highway and opens it up. Whatever is inside is clearly worth more than two million dollars. It’s also supposed to  be crucial to clearing Liz and taking down the Cabal. Sadly, we will have to wait to see what’s in the ever mysterious package. What are your guesses? If this is so important to clearing Liz’s name, then why give it up now?

Photo from the episode "Knights of the Road"

Photo from the episode “Knights of the Road”

But wait, there’s more. After Aram sold out Samar, Ressler and the FBI had a lead on Red and Liz. They use the information from Samar’s trace on Red’s phone to track them down. One of the Kings of the Highway was even stupid enough to walk around wearing Red’s jacket, which Ressler recognized. Ressler and a slew of cops break up the hostage exchange. Now, the FBI has the package, whatever it may be. Ressler also caught up to Liz, who is now in custody. Luckily, Red was being held somewhere else and managed to escape. Maybe he should meet up with Samar to help Liz.

Meanwhile, Tom is still with Harold Cooper and his wife, holding Karakurt hostage. While going to the police seems like the easy way out, Reddington has a plan for Karakurt, so they have to keep him safe until the plan can be carried out. Of course, that’s easier said than done, since unbeknownst to Tom, Karakurt has a tracking device in him. Karakurt thinks he’s being rescued, but in reality, people are coming to kill him.

They need to head underground. They are in this old tunnel, and Tom decides that he should perform surgery on Karakurt to get the tracking chip out. At least it works, and they ditch the assassins. Cooper’s wife knows somewhere they can hide. It’s at their neighbor’s cabin. When Cooper asks her why she has a key to their cabin, another secret is revealed. Cooper’s wife had an affair with their neighbor before Cooper’s fake illness. What a heartbreaking revelation for Harold.


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Overall 90%
The fall finale was action packed and exciting. We were even given yet another big shock by the end of the episode. The Deputy Attorney General goes to see the Chairman woman to discuss Mr. Solomon. When the Deputy Attorney General starts asking too many questions, the Chairman shoots and kills her. I guess she has never been on our side, just another part of the Cabal. I’m curious to see how Ressler will react with Liz now in custody. He doesn’t believe that Liz is guilty, but Ressler won’t go back on his principles. Come back on January 7th for more of The Blacklist.
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