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Scorpion’s fall finale, “Arrivals and Departures,” held nothing back. It was heart pounding and heart breaking. There was something for everyone in this episode, and I think we can all relate to family drama. What a great episode for Scorpion fans, and if you haven’t been watching, time to start!

With Megan’s health rapidly deteriorating, her parents come to visit. Walter picks them up at the airport, and they seem less than happy to see Walter. When they arrive at the hospital, Walter wants to get back to work. He wants to finish his project, so Megan can live. Megan wants Walter to stay, so they can all be together as a family. Walter does stay, reluctantly. The whole Scorpion team is there, as luck would have it, since a fungal outbreak occurs, locking down the whole hospital.

Happy and Toby get locked in the hospital’s cafeteria, where they find patient zero. Unfortunately, they are locked in there with a pregnant woman who is mere moments away from delivering her baby. Happy and Sylvester help Paige and Walter get past the fire doors inside the hospital to stop the outbreak from spreading. They head to the infectious disease ward. They try to warn the workers that the fungus is not what they think it is, and their actions will only make the fungus spread more. The workers don’t listen, and within moments, they are all passed out. Now, it’s truly up to the Scorpion team to save the entire hospital.


Thankfully, they have Cabe on the outside to assist. At this point, their best bet is to figure out a cure. Leave it to Sly to miraculously have a cure without even knowing it. Sly asked Happy and Toby to get him more coffee and handed Happy his thermos. There was a perfect handprint on the bottle where the fungus didn’t spread. Sly basically had a super bacteria on his hands that killed the fungus. When Cabe asked how he would be able to produce this cure with all of the geniuses inside the hospital, Paige points out that not all of them are locked inside.

Cue Ralph. I’m glad that Paige wasn’t all worried about including Ralph in this considering he was basically their only hope. Sly was excited that he finally had super powers; he even called himself “Bacteria Man.” Sly and Walter’s father get the sample to Ralph. Ralph and Cabe help the bacteria grow, so they can spread it through the whole hospital. And the day is saved, but Megan has taken a turn for the worse. It’s only a matter of minutes at this point.

When the case is all wrapped up, and the fungus is gone, the O’Brien family can be together again. Megan is clearly down to her last moments, and she wants to say something to Walter. She tells Walter, “Don’t be afraid to do…” But, Megan never gets to finish her thought before she is gone. When Megan did pass, her parents immediately started crying. Walter, on the other hand, didn’t seem to know how to process it and says, “okay.”


Back at the garage, Walter’s parents are about to go back to their hotel. Before they go, Walter receives a video from Megan. She asked Sly to send it to Walter after she died. The video was beautiful, and I’m sure it made everyone watching feel something. In the video, she finally got to finish up her thought. She tells Walter, “Don’t be afraid of who you really are. You are not your brain. You are your heart. Don’t be afraid to love. I just want you to be as happy as I am. I love you. Thank you. Thank you for being my brother.” It certainly made me tear up! Walter then starts to tell his parents stories about Megan, and the whole team stays to be together.

It’s hard to tell how Walter will react to Megan being gone. He told Paige, during their hospital case, that Megan was the most important person in his life. Trying to make Walter feel better, Paige tells him that he was there for Megan when she needed him most. But, Walter thinks that he failed Megan because in the end, he couldn’t save her. This is a fairly common emotional reaction to death, and I’m not sure that Walter realizes that.

On the other hand, Sly is going to have a very tough time moving on from Megan’s death. He was with her for weeks in the hospital, and they even got married. By the end of their time together, Megan’s father even considered Sly part of the family. And who knew Sly was such a romantic! Megan was upset that she wouldn’t get to see the stars again, so Sly built her a projector to see the stars on the ceiling of her hospital room. Sly told Megan, “Falling in love with you was the smartest thing I ever did.”

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Overall 95%
The team is certainly going to be in a different place when they return after the new year. The only question is how? I have a feeling that Megan’s death will push Walter farther away from the team. I feel like he will immerse himself in his work and deny all personal relationships. But, will anyone’s relationship strengthen? Will this push Toby and Happy to be together? Come back in 2016 for more episodes of Scorpion.
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