MadCatz Shows Off New Street Fighter V Arcade Sticks and Pads

Even though Street Fighter V’s debut isn’t for a few more months, peripheral maker MadCatz shows off some brand-new accessories to get the community raring to go for the game’s release.

First up is the Street Fighter V FightStick Alpha which offers high quality, but focuses on portability as well. The stick will retail for $79.99.


For those that want something a bit more formidable, there’s the FightStick TE-S+ which implements a lot of feedback from the original Tournament Edition sticks but includes an L3/R3 button as well as a touchpad. The TE-S+ will retail for $199.99.


Even though MadCatz released the TE2, this version includes a lot of the extras from the TE-S+ to create the TE2+ which is fully customizable. This version of the arcade stick will retail for $229.99.


And finally, for those who prefer something a little different than the arcade sticks, the FightPad Pro will easily satisfy. Retailing at $59.99 the pad will come in four colors.


All four accessories will be released on February 11th, just in time for Street Fighter V.


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Rob Hernandez

Rob Hernandez

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