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We may not usually review Arrow, but this week was just too good to pass up. The Flash and Arrow had a huge crossover event which introduced two more characters featured in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. “Legends of Yesterday” completed their fight against Vandal Savage, so even though this is technically an Arrow episode, the cast from The Flash were crucial to the story.

After The Flash episode, “Legends of Today,” it is clear that Vandal Savage is the worst villain they have faced to date. Since Savage is immortal and thousands of years old, he has no care for casualties. This makes him more dangerous to Teams Flash and Arrow than any meta human or mirakuru soldier.

Hawkman, aka Carter Hall, is trying to convince his love Hawkgirl, aka Kendra Saunders, that she is really an ancient Egyptian Warrior Priestess reincarnated in this body. Naturally, this doesn’t go over well with both Kendra and Cisco. In The Flash, she does find her wings, but now she needs to learn to control and access her full powers at will. Carter thinks that the only way for Kendra to access her powers is through rage.

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Oliver decides that only he, Barry, Kendra, and Carter will battle Savage. Cisco designs gloves for Barry to take the Staff of Horace and use its power against Savage. But when they get to Savage, Kendra is clearly nervous. She can’t get past the nerves to access her powers. Although, she’s not the only one. Oliver is not in his right state of mind at this point. He asks Barry to run his DNA against Samantha’s son, and he’s a match. Samantha’s son, William, is Oliver’s son as well.

Felicity weasels the information out of Barry and confronts Oliver. Barry may not have known what he had run for Oliver, but at this point Felicity knows Oliver’s DNA sequence. Oliver won’t tell Felicity anything, but that’s because Samantha asked Oliver not to tell anyone about William being his son, Felicity included. Well, with all that being said, Vandal Savage clearly has the upper hand. And lastly, the gloves that Cisco made don’t even work. Savage obliterates all of Central City, and we watch all of our favorite heroes die. All except Barry, who runs back in time to prevent the massacre of his city.

Phew, okay. Are we keeping up yet? Barry went back in time, so now they have it to do all over again. Surprisingly, Barry tells Oliver exactly what happened when they tried the first time. He has Cisco look closer at the gloves, which forces Cisco to realize that they are missing a key ingredient, an ancient Egyptian meteor rock. Please tell me this is some kind of Kryptonite! Barry and Oliver also realize that Kendra can’t access her powers using rage alone. This time, Cisco is the one who helps Kendra. Rather than using rage, she uses acceptance. She finally lets go and accepts who she is.

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The entire team goes to battle Savage, including Thea, Diggle, and Laurel. Laurel even gets to do her badass canary cry even if it seems to do nothing against Savage. This time, as a team, these heroes defeat Savage. Barry uses the new and improved gloves to take hold of the Staff of Horace. With a little help from Oliver, Barry uses the staff to destroy Savage. All that’s left are a pile of ashes.

Once it’s all over, Kendra has to break some bad news to Cisco. She and Carter are leaving. She knows in her heart that she’s meant to help people. Poor Cisco. He gave her a memento that just so happens to have a GPS tracker in it, in case she’s ever in trouble. It’s a true Cisco gift.

Before leaving Central City, Oliver must talk with Samantha. In this new timeline, Oliver hasn’t yet confronted her. When he does, he agrees that he will visit with William but only as a friend of Samantha’s, and he will never tell anyone that he is William’s father, even Felicity. In the previous timeline, Felicity never cared that Oliver had a son; she was only upset that he hid it from her. Felicity didn’t think she could be with Oliver if he couldn’t trust her. It seems that this will all blow up in Oliver’s face if Felicity finds out, which I’m assuming she will. All Olicity fans will be holding their collective breath waiting for this to never come!

Editor's Rating

Overall 95%
What was a slight disappointment is the obvious twist that Vandal Savage is not gone. In all of the DC’s Legends of Tomorrow trailers, Rip Hunter gathers our heroes, excuse me Legends, to stop Vandal Savage. So, it was no surprise to me to see Malcom Merlyn gathering Savage’s ashes. We will all have to keep watching The Flash, Arrow, and Legends of Tomorrow to continue these adventures with our favorite heroes. The Flash and Arrow have their midseason finales next week, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow will air January 21, 2016.
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