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Team Scorpion goes back to school in “The Old College Try.” It’s been six weeks since Megan passed, and now, it’s time for the Scorpion team to take on a new case. Deputy Director Cooper brings the Scorpion team a hacking case that originated at Oceanside University. Paige is the only one who seems to have had a happy college experience, as if that should surprise anyone.

The team must find the hacker before he crumbles the entire economy. He hacked the federal reserve and will shut it down if the government doesn’t pay up. The entire team is feeling pretty grumpy about having to go back to college. Sly even says very emphatically, “College was the worst six months of my life.” Now, Happy must infiltrate a sorority; Walter is a guest drama professor. Sly is a walk on wrestler; Cabe is a security guard. And Toby gets the best assignment of all; he has to take a job interview with his old nemesis. This nemesis stole Toby’s fiancée.

An Oceanside University Science Professor, who was connected to the hacker, was murdered. The hack originated in the school’s student activity center. The team each takes a scanner on their assignments to try to find the hacker. Toby’s scanner goes off when he meets with his nemesis. Toby is more than happy to take him into custody. But, it can’t be that easy. Sadly, all Toby’s nemesis is good for is getting under Toby’s skin.


Meanwhile, Happy overhears two students in the sorority talking about the dead professor. The students helped to write the code that the real hacker used. Happy tries to take them into Homeland Security when they are attacked by the real hacker, Ryder. The students tell the team that the code is on a quantum computer, which apparently makes things much more challenging. They have to upload the anti code directly into the quantum to stop the hack. Some hilarity ensues with spacesuits, but I’ll let you experience that for yourself.

They stop the hack, but Ryder still wants his money. He takes Paige as his insurance policy. During his assignment as a security guard, Cabe is the only one who made a friend. The other guard admitted that he always wanted to be a cop, like his father. Cabe uses the guard to find a blind spot to take down Ryder. The guard plays his part beautifully, and the day is saved. The case was a little outlandish, as per usual, but the real fun was all of the emotions from and evolution of the characters.

Walter hasn’t been allowing himself to grieve over Megan. He did, however, think of others. Walter knows that Ray feels responsible for his partner’s death. Walter gets his hands on Ray’s partner’s oxygen tank. He performs a test to see if the equipment was flawed. At first, Ray seems very upset, until they realize that there really was a flaw. Ray is so happy that he wasn’t responsible for his partner’s death that he’s ready to rejoin society. I’m actually going to miss Ray. I was just getting used to having him around. But Ray leaves us with a very strange goodbye when he says, “I’m like a cold sore; you never know when I’ll be back.” I agree with Walter’s sentiments exactly when he says, “I was just getting used to that weirdo.”


Before Ray left, he gave Paige a hug and whispered in her ear. Ray told Paige that she knows how Walter feels about her, but she has to go to him, not the other way around. Ray is exactly right. Walter does not show his emotions very easily, and it seems that Paige is the only one who can bring them out.

One good thing to come out of their time back at school was Happy slowly bringing down her shield. She was not very good at making friends at the sorority, but one of the other pledges tries to talk to her anyway. The girl tells Happy that she needs to let down her shield and reminds her that it’s nice to have a family when you’re away from home. On the other hand, Toby really wanted to make the most of his college visit with a bucket list, but he didn’t get to fulfill any of the items on his list. Knowing how upset Toby was, Happy lets down her shield and gives him one of his bucket list items. She puts some music on in the car with the headlights giving them light, and she dances with Toby.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
I really enjoyed all of the emotions in this episode. College isn't easy for everyone, and I can't imagine what it would have been like for our favorite geniuses. This episode helped to remind us that while everyone is different, we can all stand to let down our shields sometimes and let people in. This episode also let us see that people grieve differently, and there's no right way to remember a loved one. Walter used his grief to help another friend, which shows a lot of growth. Happy helped Sly build a beautiful metal frame to hold photographs of Megan. With next week’s winter finale being about Christmas, it will be interesting to see how Team Scorpion celebrates. Tune in Monday for the last episode this year of Scorpion.
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