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Cloud Detailed, Corrin, and Bayonetta – The Final Smash Direct 12.15 Recap


The Final Smash Direct started off with newcomer, Corrin. Corrin is the protagonist of Fire Emblem Fates. Dragon’s blood flows within him which transforms parts of his body. Like Robin and Lucina before him, Corrin also has a female version. There won’t be a stage that comes with Corrin, but people who purchase him will get 2 tracks form Fire Emblem Fates. One being the theme song and the other a remix of the theme. Corrin is scheduled to release in February 2016 for $4.99 for either the Wii U or 3DS version or $5.99 for both.


Up next is Cloud who was officially revealed during last month’s Nintendo Direct. Cloud was among the most requested fighter and will be available later today. He comes with two costumes, his original Final Fantasy VII costume as well as his costume from Advent Children. Even the Advent Children costume comes with some variations, one with a sleeve to cover his geostigma and one without. The most interesting thing about Cloud’s moves is an inclusion of a Limit Gauge. Similar to Little Mac’s KO gauge, but with some differences. Normally, Cloud can increase the gauge by taking damage or dealing it. In addition to that, Cloud can actually charge it with his down+special attack which brings a meter over his head that charges and shows how far along he is in charging it. Once full, it increases his stats as well as his next attack’s power.  Cloud will be $5.99 for either the Wii U or 3DS, or $6.99 for both.


And of course, Sakurai showed off the Midgar stage. Like it was shown off before, the sage is basically similar to Final Destination but with Materia floating around the stage. The Materia act like a Final Smash, players must attack it to activate it. Once a creature is summoned, it will change the layout of the stage. If said summoned creature KO’s an opponent, the summoner will get the credit. Ifrit tilts the stage and will cause fire damage in certain sections. Ramuh electrifies the floating platforms and causes them to move. Leviathan will create a fast moving water current just under the stage which can instantly KO a character. Odin slices the stage in half, and if it comes into contact with a character, it will KO anyone it touches. Bahamut Zero creates a beam of energy that makes it way into the playfield from the background. Making it feel incredibly intimidating.


The Final Fantasy Fun doesn’t stop there as a Chocobo hat and a Geno costume for Mii Gunners will also be available today.


There will also be a slew of Mii skins available in the next few months. Bionic Armor for the Mii Brawler, Takamaru from The Mysterious Murasame Castle, Ashley from the WarioWare series, Gil from the Namco series Druaga, and from the Sonic series, Tails and Knuckles also get costumes.

The official Smash Bros website has QR codes for Mii characters that come close to what the original character looks like. Allowing players to use them as a base for the Mii outfits.


To round things off, Sakurai showed off the final DLC character, Bayonetta. In Europe, Bayo was the number 1 choice, while she was among the Top 5 in North America. Worldwide she was the most requested, obtainable character. Meaning despite the fervor, Goku wasn’t on the table. A lot of Bayonetta’s moves remain in-tact in her Smash incarnation. She uses her guns, Love is Blue, and has an ability to slowdown time. It only affects characters that are attacking her as it’s a counter. The length is dependent on how much damage the character has on it already as well as how many times it’s been used. Other than that, Bayo looks to be a combo-heavy type of character with a lot of moves being chainable. Bayo has two costumes, one from Bayonetta 1 and one from Bayonetta 2. Although she doesn’t have a Jeanne costume, she does have an alternate color scheme for Jeanne. Bayonetta is scheduled to release in February 20.16.

There will also be a Bayonetta 1 themed stage which takes its inspiration from the first level. The stage features a falling clock tower and should be available when Bayonetta is available.



Despite that being the end of the Smash Bros DLC, that doesn’t mean the end to Smash related stuff. Ryu, Roy and a Famicom colored ROB will be available on March 18th, while Cloud, Bayonetta and Corrin have all been confirmed to have amiibo figures. They just don’t have a release date setup thus far.


From characters, to stages, to new music, and to Mii costumes, thus ends a year of Smash Bros DLC.

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