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Team Scorpion is getting into the holiday spirit in “Dam Breakthrough.” Paige is trying to spread the Christmas cheer, but Walter is still having trouble letting go of Megan. Now, a dam threatens to flood an entire city killing 100,000 people. This sounds like a job for the Scorpion team.

The Scorpion team was hoping for a nice simple case when they started on Christmas Eve. A dam was about to break in a nearby city, Augustine. Augustine holds 100,000 people, and this dam threatened to ruin their Christmases. Team Scorpion to the rescue. They have to fill a huge crack on one side of the dam, while they freeze the water on the other side. It’s a good thing they have very brave Cabe Gallo to get the job done. He dangles over the side of a 200 foot dam and fills the crack under immense pressure. When his line breaks, Cabe just uses the cement to create a ladder back to the top. Phew first crisis averted.

But wait there’s more. The reservoir is filling to more than 100% capacity which will put too much pressure on the dam. A mudslide caused a blockage, so the reservoir can’t drain. Leave it to Happy to create a device to cut through the trees blocking the pipe. In the midst of this, she almost gets sucked into the reservoir. Thankfully, Walter makes a plan to save her in the knick of time. Again, crisis averted.


Of course, with the reservoir still filling, two of the three turbines go out. The team just can’t seem to catch a break! So Walter comes up with a crazy plan to make the water flow in the reverse direction. There’s no time to argue Walter’s insane plan, so they just go along with it. Somehow throwing a tsunami bomb into the reservoir works, and they save the day. Maybe they should just always let Walter come up with the most ridiculous plans. It seemed to work flawlessly. But things started to get emotional once the team got back to the garage.

Walter is definitely seeming off throughout the whole case. He is talking to himself and a ferret, who is aptly named Ferret Bueller. Toby rides in Walter’s car to get to the dam site, and he opens the glove compartment to find an interesting surprise inside. Walter is keeping Megan’s ashes in a coffee tin. He said he hasn’t had enough time to spread them, but it’s still pretty creepy.

On the other hand, Sylvester is finding himself smiling when he thinks of Megan. Happy is confused that Sly could seem so happy. Sly tells her that he has no regrets because they never wasted a moment together. Happy is clearly thinking about her regrets; hopefully, she will act on her feelings before it’s too late. I have to say for being the most emotional of the bunch, Sly has a very healthy way of grieving Megan.


Back at the garage, Walter can’t find Ferret Bueller. He takes out his anger and fear on everyone saying that he can’t lose her. When they find Ferret Bueller, Walter finally breaks down. He admits that he misses Megan and actually starts to cry. Paige gives Walter a hug, and he apologizes for being unprofessional. The team all comes over to hug Walter.

At the end of the day, Walter listens to the messages at the garage. Walter was building a rocket to win grant money for research for Megan. It turns out that he won 15 million dollars for his rocket. Someone would have to come by to see the rocket before giving Walter the money, but at this point, Walter doesn’t feel the need to accept the grant money. He says that the rocket is for Megan.

The Scorpion team builds a small fire on the beach and sets up their rocket. Cabe calls in a few favors with the FAA to allow the rocket to fly. Walter and Sly put Megan’s ashes in the rocket. Since she loved the stars, they figure that she can be with them forever. It’s a very sweet sentiment, and Walter admits to Paige that he feels better after saying goodbye to Megan and allowing himself to grieve. I always knew he had some emotions inside of him.

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
Happy and Toby finally let the tension build enough to do something about it this episode. After Happy’s scare with death and realizing that she’s living with regrets, she confronts Toby. She says that she kissed him last Christmas, and it didn’t work. So by her logic, if Toby kissed her, then maybe it would work this time. Toby doesn’t seem to mind the weird logic and gives her a big Christmas smooch.  I can’t wait to see how they develop this relationship in the New Year. Come back in 2016 for more Scorpion.
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