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Scorpion debuted after its winter break with “White Out,” reminding us that no matter what our climate is like right now, it could be worse. Part of the Scorpion team had to travel to the South Pole to help out a group of soldiers. Also, it’s a new year for Team Scorpion and some of the team members are working on their resolutions.

This week, Deputy Director Cooper has a new task that, of course, is a life or death situation. A group of soldiers are stuck in Darfur with no backup support. The satellites are down; thus, the soldiers can’t reconnect their drones for air support. And since they are not supposed to be there, they can’t just call in the cavalry. Everything must remain discreet. This sounds like a job for our geniuses.

Happy, Toby, Cabe, and Walter head to the South Pole to reconnect the satellite. As luck would have it, there was a huge storm coming causing a lot of problems for our team. The job was straightforward and simple; they should have only had to be there for a short time. But, then Toby jinxed everything when he said, “12 hour flight for a two minute job.” Way to go! The storm comes in earlier than expected and creates a lot of trouble for the team.


The South Pole has become a full blown blizzard, and the team can’t get the antenna to connect with the satellite from inside their nice and warm hut. They had to go out in the storm even though visibility was barely a few feet in front of them. Unfortunately, Happy got separated from the group and ended up stuck in a cavern in the middle of the storm. Toby set off on his own to find her. When Walter tries to protest, Toby looks at him and asks if he would do the same for Paige or if he would just go back to the hut. I won’t spoil all of the “fun” they have in the freezing temperatures, but this episode was worth it, especially if you’re pulling for Happy and Toby. Paige even helped in part of their rescue, surprising all of the geniuses. Sometimes, they don’t put enough faith in her.

Back home, Ralph steps up to the plate to communicate with Decker, the soldier in charge of the operation on the ground. Decker was worried that the Scorpion team would not be able to make it in time to save them, but Ralph never lost hope. He kept telling Decker that Scorpion never fails. Thank goodness they didn’t have to make a liar out of him. Ralph’s quick thinking and positive attitude helped boost the soldiers spirits and keep the mission on track.

Happy definitely isn’t acting like herself in this new year. Her resolution is to be more positive and less mean and sarcastic. Toby is completely taken aback. He seems both excited and almost a little disappointed, or maybe he’s just confused, as we all are. Toby claims that resolutions don’t work, but so far Happy seems to be doing well. Let’s hope he didn’t jinx this too.


After her harrowing ordeal in Antarctica, Happy sits down with her dad. She explains that she keeps remembering this song, but she’s not sure what song it is or why she remembers it. Happy’s dad brings a video tape to show her a better time in their lives. It’s a home video of Happy’s parents in her nursery. Happy’s mother is pregnant with her and could not be more thrilled to become a mom. They start dancing to the song that is on Happy’s mind. Happy says that she wants to be more like her parents from that video; she says that she has never been as carefree as they were in that moment.

Walter got into the New Year’s spirit with a resolution of his own. Walter has resolved to be more social. Of course in this day and age, Walter thinks if he gets a lot of likes and follows on social media, then he has achieved his resolution. Walter posted a video of Ferret Bueller and got almost 18,000 likes. He was pretty proud of that until he realized what real friendship looks like in the South Pole. Walter admits that maybe social media isn’t the real way to be more social this year. He tells Paige that he wants to make new friends. What a turn this is for the Walter we know and love.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
The members of Team Scorpion are all evolving in ways that I didn’t expect to see so soon. I’m glad to see even Ralph taking a step in the right direction. He used his maturity and level headedness to calm down the soldiers in the heat of a battle. Paige was definitely proud of her son, and I can’t imagine the joy she must be feeling at seeing him come out of his shell. What do you want to see in the coming weeks from Team Scorpion? Keep tuning in to see your favorite geniuses tackle these crazy tasks, Mondays on CBS.
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