A Torrent of Nintendo NX Rumors

Nintendo’s upcoming console has had a swirl of rumors regarding it. Nintendo themselves have been pretty hush-hush regarding the system. Only casually stating that they were working on a successor to the ailing Wii U situation.  Everything from the NX being both a handheld and console to a handheld device that can dock to a device to make it playable on TV.

One such rumor is that the NX will be compatible with smartphones, computers and the Playstation 4. Takashi Mochizuki said on twitter referencing another article.

Smartphones and PCs make sense. A lot of recent consoles have used these devices to stream music/movies or create a second-screen experience. However the rival console portion is probably the most interesting takeaway from the rumor. Mochizuki is referencing this report from Macquarie Capital securities:


Another persistent internet rumor is from a marketing research firm, GFK. In it, the survey lists some features of the NX. Most notably being the 4K 60fps streaming and the gameplay being 900p at 60fps. The list is speculation entirely by GFK and doesn’t indicate what direction Nintendo plans to go. Here is the image from the survey.


As it stands, no one has a clear view of what Nintendo is planning right now except the House of Mario themselves. This year will probably see an announcement regarding the console surely.

Source: NeoGAF [1, 2]

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