Which Company Will Come Out On Top In 2016?

Every year we get gaming titles that move us in a way that many other forms of media fail to capture. Many developers are trying to go bigger this year with the abundance of titles coming our way in 2016. I’m going to run down the top 5 companies bringing us the majority of titles players will fall in love with this year.



5. Capcom

Capcom is hitting us hard this year with the release of Street Fighter V, making its way exclusively on the Playstation 4 and PC. Street Fighter V is looking to win the hearts of the hardcore and casual players by going back to basics with a more clear approach in to how players control the fight. Expect Street Fighter V to stay popular for years as one version of Street Fighter V will be releasing and Capcom is taking the approach of updated the game for the rest of its lifetime through Downloadable Content.

Capcom also has an upcoming Resident Evil Title named Umbrella Corps. While not story driven Umbrella Corps will feature high octane multiplayer action only available on the Playstation 4 for now. Despite Umbrella Corps not being a looker this game certainly was created for the E-sport scene which Capcom wants to tap into the shooter genre. Within the trenches of the most highly anticipated games of the year Resident Evil: Revelations 2, the episodic DLC series, is unrecognized but may hold something to offer to fans of the series. Although many media other outlets aren’t paying attention to it, we enjoy how (client) goes into depth (link). RE: Revelations 2 co-op may be the niche that draws many to the episodic series; it’s always good to have friends around when you’re fighting zombies.


4. EA

For some this might be shocking but EA has learned a lot about itself and their consumers in the last couple of years. Firstly, with Unravel, the media darling that stole our hearts last E3 is finally getting released this year. Unravel is a completely different concept of what EA was about years ago and Unravel is the starting point for EA to get more creative with titles. As a gamer Unravel is a breathe of fresh air and what i played of it at last years E3 you will definitely like its charming platforming nature.

Mirrors Edge is another title to look out for this year. Revisiting the Mirrors Edge universe one more time as you play as Faith in this retelling of the original game. Expect more parkour approaches as many gamers including myself did not like engaging enemies during the original title. Mass Effect Andromeda is one of EA’s marquee titles for this year. The original Mass Effect trilogy is Brandon’s (of Dual Pixels) favorite series to date; like many other fans he and others will be ready for another AAA epic intergalactic 3rd person shooting adventure.


3. Ubisoft

Another company who has awoken their senses, Ubisoft is now taking control on what players want and how polished efforts can go a long way. The long awaited release of The Division hitting us shortly in the next upcoming months. The Division is looking to take the crown in multiplayer this year as you control a rebel fighter making their way around a post-conflict New York City. Ubisoft is looking to expand on New York City in The Division with the downloadable borough Brooklyn.

Ubisoft also has a new twist on Far Cry titled Far Cry Primal which had longer development time then the usual Ubisoft yearly renditions. Far Cry Primal takes you to the stone age and lets you become a caveman fighting to survive. Far Cry Primal will be releasing this coming month and you can find it on all major systems. Ubisoft is constantly teasing the reveal of Watch_Dogs 2 which might get revealed later on at this years E3, all around Ubisoft does have something for everyone with a more polished effort.


2. Sony

Sony has come a long way from the abysmal Playstation 3 beginnings and now the leaders of this console generation. Their first party efforts and lenient ruling on things have really elevated their names. As a result Sony’s year starts off with Street Fighter V exclusively on Playstation 4, while not made by Sony they are indeed funding this franchise to get the fighting game community more in sync. Followed by the release of one of Sony’s biggest first party title Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. Which looks incredible and will conclude the Uncharted series, and for the family they round up with Rachet and Clank coinciding with the Rachet and Clank movie releasing this spring. Sony still has a few more tricks up their sleeves and we should find out more this coming E3.


1. Square Enix

While it is taking them a bit of time(aka around 8 years) just to get Final Fantasy XV out, we are finally getting a release in 2016. Square Enix is also looking to release more RPGS in the meantime like World of Final Fantasy and Project Setsuna. They also have a stable of actions games coming out like Rise of the Tomb Raider for The Playstation 4 and the Hitman Sequel. Final Fantasy XV will surely be their biggest title in their stable, from the looks of their latest trailer Final Fantasy XV is something that you shouldn’t miss RPG fans or any type of gamer.

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