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Lucifer continued his quest for justice in “The Would-Be Prince of Darkness.” Not only does Lucifer get to work on another case with Detective Chloe Decker, but he also finds out that he’s been a victim of identity theft. Clearly, this person picked the wrong identity to steal. Lucifer continues to bring laughs and keeps managing to suck me into his charms.

The opening scene is meant to completely catch you off guard. It seems that Lucifer is up to his old tricks when he stands behind a woman on a roof and tells her to jump saying that he knows that she wants to. She asks if it will hurt, and he says there’s only one way to find out. When she jumps, she lands in a pool, and the party continues at the young football quarterback, Ty Huntley’s house.

Ty Huntley is known for being a virgin, and naturally, Lucifer gets him to admit that he wants to “get laid so bad.”  Lucifer says that he is fascinated with Ty because he is like a unicorn, a celebrity virgin in Los Angeles. When a beautiful woman starts hitting on Ty, Lucifer pushes him to let loose and have some fun. After all that is why Ty’s agent, Joe Hanson, wanted him to throw the party in the first place.


The next morning, a woman ends up dead in Ty’s pool. The woman, Ali, was the one who slept with Ty the night before. As if that weren’t enough, she recorded video evidence of their affair. At the scene, Chloe immediately arrests Ty since he now has motive, but Lucifer is determined to punish the correct person. Lucifer believes that Ty is innocent. Now I must agree with Lucifer’s psychiatrist. She believes that not only is Lucifer looking to punish the guilty, but he is also enjoying saving the innocent and seeking justice.

Chloe and Lucifer discover that Ty’s agent, Joe, hired Ali through a Hollywood fixer to sleep with Ty and film it. Joe wanted something with which to blackmail Ty into staying as his client. He even led the cops on a wild goose chase with Ty’s crazy ex-girlfriend, Debra. In the end, they realize that the agent was full of crap, and he was the one behind Ali’s murder. Ali started to back out of their deal, and Joe “squeezed too hard.”

Lucifer clearly didn’t like that explanation. He finally found the person who he can punish, and it’s Joe Hanson. Lucifer grabbed Joe and threw him through a glass window into a desk in another room. He threw Joe so hard that it would not have been humanly possible. Of course, we know Lucifer isn’t human, but Chloe still can’t accept that he may actually be the devil. She continues to watch the security footage from the agency to understand who Lucifer really is.


Meanwhile, Lucifer has found out that someone is spoiling his good name. At Ty’s party, a young woman laughs when he says that he’s Lucifer Morningstar. She says that she met the owner of Lux, and it’s not him. Lucifer’s pal, Mazikeen, thinks that is is absolutely hilarious. Lucifer uses Ronnie, the Hollywood fixer, to find this imposter. When Ronnie delivers the “would-be Prince of Darkness,” Mazikeen can’t contain her excitement. The imposter, Justin, admits that he just wanted chicks and free drinks. Lucifer decides to let him go unharmed, to Mazikeen’s extreme disappointment. It seems that Lucifer may be growing soft. Here was someone who truly deserved a little punishment; yet, Lucifer just let him go with a warning.

I love the scenes between Lucifer and his shrink, Linda. She may be swayed by his charms, but she has no problem being completely honest with Lucifer. He is still having trouble seeing how the humans have changed him. Linda asks why he came to Los Angeles in the first place, when he could have gone anywhere. He comes up with a lame excuse, but Linda thinks that he settled on LA to reinvent himself. He jokingly says, “Why mess with perfection?” But is she right? Has Lucifer secretly been trying to reinvent himself this whole time? Only time will tell.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
I really enjoyed this episode. It showed just how destructive some people can be. Ty’s agent didn’t seem to care who he hurt in the process of keeping his business thriving. I was a little disappointed that we didn’t get to hear anything from Amenadiel. Will we ever get to see other angels? I wonder when Chloe will finally relent and believe that Lucifer is the devil. And will Lucifer ever understand what makes Chloe immune to his charms? Keep tuning in to Lucifer for more answers.
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