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It looks like the Scorpion team is always good in a crisis, even when they aren’t getting paid. They proved this in “Fractured” when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake rocks Los Angeles. Two of the members of Team Scorpion, Walter and Toby, had to put their differences aside and come together.

The Scorpion team, it seems, is enjoying a nice relaxing day. This can’t last long. Walter and Toby start arguing over something completely pointless, and everyone starts groaning. Paige won’t take it anymore. It’s her job to keep them in line, so she banishes Toby and Walter to therapy. Paige gives them no room for arguing, and they find themselves in front of a very open therapist, who by the way has degrees from online universities. Clearly, Walter and Toby already think this guy’s a joke.

Back at the garage, Ralph tries to convince his mom to let him go on a kayaking trip for his college marine biology class. Paige vehemently says no, but Sly offers to take Ralph to the beach to get his homework done. Paige lets them go even though she’s not very happy about it. Since Sly prepares himself for any situation, he gets an alert on his phone about the earthquake headed straight for LA. He gets Ralph to a safe place as fast as he can, but that’s only the beginning of this adventure for the Scorpion team.


Walter and Toby run out of the psychiatrist’s office after the quake. They see a couple of fire hydrants blow completely off of the street, and they know something is wrong. Gas is building up underneath Koreatown, and it’s only a matter of time before it explodes. Team Scorpion decides that they need to jump into action after hearing about massive building fires downtown. They are sure that no one knows they are only 35 minutes away from a megaton explosion underneath Koreatown.

Our geniuses are separated throughout the city, but they find a way to pull it together to save Los Angeles. Happy, Paige, and Cabe must help a group of people who are stuck in a van on top of electrified water. Toby and Walter must get to Koreatown to safely release the gas before it explodes. Sly and Ralph must go to shut the gas valve, so no more gas can build up. Of course, hilarity ensues from there. I won’t spoil everything, but here are the highlights.

Sly broke his glasses during the earthquake, so he’s virtually blind. He has to somehow drive to get to the facility to shut the gas valve. Ralph not only directs him but even drives at one point. Don’t tell Paige about that one. Walter and Toby must lean on one another once they each injure themselves. It seems something in that therapy session stuck. Paige has to pull the last person out of the van, and boy is she fierce. She is stern when she tells the man that he has to go with her to safety. After the van explodes only seconds after she got out, she says, “I’m starting to miss not being a waitress.” The team eventually saves the day, and it’s safe to say that the city had no idea that they had guardian angels in Team Scorpion.


For all of the Quintis fans out there, we finally got to see Happy and Toby together. Thankfully, they both seemed happier than ever in the very brief scene we saw. Walter comes to Toby’s place to apologize for how he’s been acting. Walter knows that he’s not very easy to get along with, but he wants to be better. Walter wonders what he’s been doing wrong to cause their fights. He’s worried that he hasn’t been making as much progress socially as he had hoped. I think it speaks volumes that this concerns Walter, and he does seem to be more aware of his friends’ feelings.

Toby finally caves and reveals that Walter is not the problem. Toby is happier than he has ever been, but he has a knack for self destruction. He says to Walter, “What is more self destructive than picking a fight with your boss?” It seems that Toby was the one causing their fights since everything else in his life is going great. Walter seems content and leaves. When Toby closes the door, Happy is there. She couldn’t be more pleased with Toby’s admission that he’s as happy as ever. They share a passionate kiss, and that’s all we get for now.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This episode was great. It showed Team Scorpion’s passion for helping others. They had no stake in helping the people of Los Angeles aside from the fact that they live there. They could have just told the authorities or gotten out of the destructive area. But, they stayed and helped. I’m sure their egos had something to do with it since they were probably the only team able to perform the impossible, but at least someone’s around to keep LA safe. As for our favorite genius couple, when will the group find out? Will we get to see them on a real date again? And can we work on Paige and Walter next?
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