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The Blacklist brought nightmares to life with “Lady Ambrosia.” Raymond Reddington brings a new case to the FBI about a woman who lives in the woods. She takes in unwanted children and gives them a home. The case was brought to the FBI after a child was found on the floor of a store eating food from the shelves.

Lady Ambrosia is “adopting” kids from parents who don’t seem to want them anymore. The FBI finds out that the boy who was found, Ethan, was put up for adoption just a couple of weeks ahead of his supposed death. Ethan’s parents were having a difficult time providing for him. Ethan is autistic and requires around the clock care; it was an extreme burden on his parents. When the adoption started to become a reality, Ethan’s father decided to back out. He just couldn’t give up his child. Ethan’s mother, on the other hand, did not feel the same way. The man at the adoption agency, Noah, offered Lady Ambrosia’s services for Ethan, and the mother accepted without her husband’s consent or knowledge.

Back in the woods, Lady Ambrosia is with her children about to celebrate one of their children, Matthew. She claims Matthew will be reborn as a butterfly. In reality, it looks like his dead body is just going to rot at the bottom of a well. So while Lady Ambrosia is helping unwanted children, she is also killing them before they grow up. She’s promising eternal youth, but she’s not actually letting the children grow up. It seems that her son, Theodore, is finally understanding that the children are not being reborn, which is why he let Ethan go. Now, they are working on preparing a little girl, Anya, for her “rebirth.”

Photo from the episode "Lady Ambrosia"

Photo from the episode “Lady Ambrosia”

Before Anya’s rebirth, Theodore seems to be fighting back. His mother is emphatic that they are doing good for these children; she even says, “You know what we do matters. Unwanted children feel safe here until we have to let them go.” Theodore must prepare Anya, but he tells his mother, “I thought that you made them beautiful to keep them from being like me.” In the end, Theodore won’t let Lady Ambrosia hurt another child. Instead, Theodore takes his mother to the well and tosses her inside, and then he jumps in himself. It was such a sad ending to another terrible case.

At the end of the case, Ressler makes a great point. Reddington always has a reason for bringing a new Blacklister to the FBI, but Ressler can’t see his angle on this case. Of course, we as the audience, get a glimpse into his scheme. The girl that they saved, Anya, is the daughter of an acquaintance of Red. He offered to get answers about her daughter if she brought him files. She didn’t agree until he brought her daughter back to her alive and well. She brought him a file labeled Pocoba Rostova. Could this be about Liz’s father?

Liz is still dead set on adoption for her baby. Red tries to give her a trust account for the child before the case, but Liz says she can’t take it. Not only is she still planning on adoption, but she would never be able to take Red’s dirty money. The adoption agency found a couple who is willing to work with Liz on an open adoption. She even takes a chance to make sure that the couple is aware of her background. They say that all they want is a healthy baby.

Photo from the episode "Lady Ambrosia"

Photo from the episode “Lady Ambrosia”

Red doesn’t seem to share Liz’s view on giving up her child for adoption. I guess this is the one thing that Red and Tom agree on. Liz thinks her life is too dangerous for a child, especially since Red is not going anywhere. He asks, “But what is your life without one?” This makes me wonder what Red’s going to do when he finds out that Liz found a couple willing to have an open adoption. I have a bad feeling he’s going to get in the way of the adoption one way or another.

This week, Tom had a rather stressful time with his ex girlfriend. After their big score, Gina asks Tom to leave with her. But, he has other plans in mind. He wants to run away with Liz, now that he has money from their scam. Of course, Gina isn’t ready to give up Tom that easy. It seems that if she can’t have him, then no one can. Gina takes drastic measures to lighten her crew. She has two men shoot up the van with Tom and a couple other crew members. She asks her guy to torch the van with the dead inside, but Tom isn’t that easy to kill. Thankfully, he gets out alive but just barely. He ends up trying to stitch himself up in someone’s house where he passes out in the bathtub. Next week, we will see Tom fighting for his life in a hospital.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
The Blacklist continues to deliver this season. I’m glad that Liz is finally free, and we can move on from the Cabal, at least for now. Liz confronted Red about about her mother and asked how her mother was able to give her up for adoption. He tells Liz that her mother couldn’t cope after Liz killed her father. “The man she loved killed by the child she endured,” Red says. Then, he says that Liz’s mother walked into the ocean and was never seen again. This is a horrifying story, but hopefully, Liz’s mother is still alive and can see her child again. In the coming weeks, I’d love to learn more about Liz’s family, and I am guessing we will get to see what Liz decides with her child once and for all.
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