New Pokémon, Magearna, Unveiled

Originally announced through weekly Japanese magazine CoroCoro, The Pokémon Company officially announced Magearna for the rest of the world. The new ‘Mon will be featured alongside Volcanion in the newest Pokémon movie out later this year. Magearna is an Artificial Pokémon that was created 500 years ago.


Does this hint at a possible new Pokémon generation later this year? Very, very possible. When Pokémon X/Y came out, several people data mined the game and found several creatures which are still being announced. Volcanion was found via data mining but was officially announced just last year. And with the fact that Game Freak is against DLC for the Pokémon series, it’s very doubtful that Magearna will be usable in XY or Alpha Sapphire/Omega Ruby. Now, Game Freak has also set a precedent of announcing a new Pokémon before that ‘mon’s official release. Munchlax was announced before Generation IV was unveiled and before Pokémon Emerald was released.

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Rob Hernandez

Rob Hernandez

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