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This week on Scorpion, the team helps out a childhood friend of Cabe’s in “The Fast and the Nerdiest.” Happy and Toby have another bump in the road; clearly, they aren’t used to being in a relationship. We got to see Walter in a street race. SPOILER ALERT: Walter won. It was awesome. And speaking of winning, Sly won big on the Price is Right.

I know I’ve said before how it would be great to see Sly on the Price is Right. Well, someone must have had the same idea because we got to see Sly compete on the Price is Right! This was probably my favorite part of the episode, and I wish it were longer. Sly is so nervous and worried that he won’t get picked. He keeps calculating the odds of being picked, and then his name is called. “Sylvester Dodd, come on down!”

I love that Sly holds his hands in to his body because he doesn’t want to give high fives, being a germaphobe and all. Of course, Sly wins the first challenge and goes straight for the $100,000 prize. He rushes Drew Carey to get the game done with, and thankfully it works. If you remember, Sly wants to raise money to get the pediatric ward at a hospital named after Megan. Now, with the addition of the Price is Right money, he’s halfway there. I hope that he does end up getting the ward named after Megan. I would hate for him to go through all of this work to have it not actually happen.


Cabe’s childhood friend, Mick, brings the Scorpion team their latest case. Mick has been in and out of the system, and he’s not exactly a tax paying citizen. But, he kept Cabe out of trouble as a child, so Cabe trusts him. Mick heard a guy named Grady talking about a dangerous shipment. The shipment could not be exposed to light and had to be kept at a certain temperature. Toby suggests that they could be talking about a biological weapon.

Mick gets the team into see Grady, and Happy, Toby, and Walter pretend to do an upgrade on their software system. Meanwhile, they can snoop around. To keep the people in Grady’s shop occupied, Walter challenges Grady to a street race. Happy found the paper trail about the biological weapon. She finally figured out where the refrigerator unit was that was storing the weapon. Unfortunately, when they get there, there’s only a note from Mick. He double crossed them and wants to sell the weapon. We know that Cabe always gets his man, and this time was no different. Make sure to watch the episode for all of the fun, but let’s get into the more juicy stuff.

Throughout the entire case, Happy has been very nervous about Toby’s gambling habits. She knew what she was getting herself into with a relationship with Toby, at least to some extent. But, Happy must have thought that the gambling was in the past. Now, Toby is gambling again, but he claims that he’s gambling because of how happy he is. Toby is pretty impressed with himself because his knowledge of underground gambling helped to solve the case.


Paige picks up on Happy’s unease over Toby’s gambling addiction. Paige reminds her that she’s never really had a relationship before, and she’s learning as she goes. Later, Happy reveals to Paige that she doesn’t like thinking about how Toby used to live when he was a gambler. Paige speaks her unspoken thoughts, that Happy is afraid that Toby will slip back into being that person.

After the case was solved, Cabe offered the team an apology. He feels bad that he put the team in danger because he wanted to see the best in Mick. Cabe went as far as saying, “The truth is no one changes, and I should have known that.” Paige assures Cabe that people can change, and Cabe has a knack for seeing the good in people. It’s what brought Team Scorpion together in the first place.

Happy takes Toby outside to talk to him about his gambling issues. She wants to make sure he realizes that his gambling problems are not a good thing. Happy was in the foster care, and each time she would be assured that this one would stick. Then, she would get shuffled on to the next home. She tries to show Toby that his gambling shows her that there’s a chance that the rug could be pulled out from under her. She doesn’t want him to disappear into his gambling addiction again. Toby assures Happy that she can rely on him. He tells her that he will never gamble again in his life. He says that he is only going to gamble on their relationship. He tells Happy, “It’s the biggest gamble of my life.”

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Overall 90%
This week’s episode gave us some more insight into Cabe’s childhood. I’m glad that he still tries to see the good in people. Also, it’s nice to see that the team is always there to back him up. Toby picked up that Cabe has an artistic side, so of course, Walter hacked into Cabe’s personal files. It turns out that Cabe was into art when he was a kid. Walter signed him up and paid for Cabe to take a class at a community college. We see Cabe at the class even though he’s clearly nervous about painting again. It’s always nice to see more emotion from Happy, and I’m glad to see her relationship with Toby is still staying strong. Keep tuning in for more Scorpion.
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