Supergirl/Flash Crossover coming March 28th

If you’ve been following either Supergirl on CBS or The Flash on the CW, then you may have heard the The Flash, played by the ever charming Grant Gustin, is coming to National City. We finally got some information from about the crossover and why The Flash is there in the first place. According to, The Flash will join Supergirl on March 28th’s episode titled “World’s Finest.” The Flash somehow spiraled out of his universe and lands in Kara’s. Does this mean that The Flash and Supergirl are technically on different Earths? Oh boy! The Flash asks for Kara’s help to find his way back home, but first, he must help Kara defeat not one but two villains. They will be battling Siobhan Smythe as Silver Banshee, and we will see a return from Livewire as well.


Are you excited to see The Flash come to Supergirl? What are your thoughts on how this episode will develop? I really hope we get to see these two race. If you were a fan of Smallville, Superman had a race with Bart Allen aka Impulse, and Superman lost. We heard Martian Manhunter say that Supergirl is faster than Superman, but is she faster than The Flash? Make sure to tune in on March 28th, and let’s encourage the networks to continue these crossovers!

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