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Scorpion welcomed a new member this week in “Djibouti Call.” Cabe Gallo takes on a new trainee, Tim Armstrong. Once our favorite geniuses realize someone is joining their fold, they immediately do a thorough background check. Paige tries to discourage them from looking into his past and just to meet him, but that doesn’t really work. Thankfully, Tim does not seem fazed.

Tim takes meeting the group in stride. He starts off well by complimenting Happy on designing something for one of their cases. Toby feels the need to speak up and mention that he’s Happy’s boyfriend, not that Tim seems to care. Paige accidentally has some foam from her coffee on her lip, and Tim mentions it flirtatiously. Look out Walter, Tim is moving in on Paige. And it’s not only Paige. Toby noticed Walter watching Tim working with Cabe. Toby wonders if Walter is jealous that Tim could be replacing him as Cabe’s right hand man.

Tim and Cabe lay out the latest mission. There is a military base in Djibouti that is in the perfect location to spy on terrorist organizations. They want Team Scorpion to basically install a large listening device for the military, and they were willing to pay a hefty sum. Walter knew that something wasn’t quite right with this mission. He truly believes that they didn’t need the expertise of Team Scorpion to do a very basic mission. Well it turns out he was right. While Walter thought that Tim was the enemy, Tim was just trying to carry out a different mission with Cabe’s help.


Cabe and Tim sneak into a smuggler’s compound. They open a box, scan an ancient bowl, and try to make it back to the military base. Unfortunately, Cabe gets captured but makes sure that Tim can get back to the Scorpion team to finish the mission. It turns out that Tim and Cabe are after a South African trafficker in ancient antiquities. Terrorists have been raiding the museums, and the trafficker, Copley, sells the artifacts. The profits from these sales fund the terrorist organizations, resulting in countless deaths of innocent people.

Instead of just taking out Copley, the military found a way to completely dismantle his organization. If Copley is killed or captured, someone else will just continue in his place. The military decided that if they could get a forgery in place of the real deal in Copley’s possession, then word of mouth will destroy his organization. When customers find out that he is dealing fakes, no one will ever go to him again.

The whole team gets involved in the rescue, and it sure is a wild ride. Paige and Tim get to go undercover as a rich couple, there to buy the ancient bowl. Happy and Sly are responsible for getting the counterfeit bowl in place of the real one. Of course, Sly sees a monkey, which terrifies him, and he drops the fake bowl. Happy has to think fast in order to fix the counterfeit bowl while Paige and Tim stall Copley. Tim almost loses his cool when Copley mentions that he had an IED take out an American military man trying to steal from him, but Paige saves their cover.


Toby and Walter go to save Cabe from the men torturing him, and their tactics leave a lot to be desired. First, their stun gun somehow doesn’t work, so they improvise. Their improvisation only works a fraction as well as the stun gun, so Walter and Toby are jumping on this guy to knock him out. Somehow they do knock him out but walk right into a trap with the next guy. Thankfully, Sly’s screams at a monkey landing on his shoulder allows Cabe to knock out the other bad guy while still being chained up.

Just as the team is ready to make their escape, the real buyers show up. When Copley looks in their fake bag of money, all he sees are boxes of saltine crackers. Oops, I guess it’s time to run. Paige and Tim run out of there, but her jacket gets snagged. She shrugs out of it, and we don’t think anything of it. Shots start flying as they are running to the car, so Tim puts his jacket around Paige’s shoulders. Aww. Well it turns out their jackets were bulletproof, which thankfully saved Paige’s life. She still got a giant bruise that will be sore for awhile, but she’ll be just fine all thanks to the heroics of newcomer, Tim.

I’ll just give myself a pat on the back for calling it last week. We all knew it was only a matter of time before Paige’s eyes started to wander away from Walter. This week, she only had eyes for Tim. Tim was the one who saved her from the bad guy’s bullet. He heroically wrapped his bulletproof jacket around her shoulders just in time. Then, Tim even rubbed a home remedy on her bruise to help with the healing. Paige may like having another non genius around, and it doesn’t hurt that Toby described him as having the body of Channing Tatum and the hair of Mitt Romney.

Editor's Rating

Overall 85%
Scorpion produced another fun, action packed episode. I was excited for them to shake things up by adding Cabe’s trainee, Tim. Scott Porter plays the character well, and I really hope to see more of him. I’m glad that Happy talked to Toby about his gambling habits. Even though he isn’t gambling, he’s not getting addicted to truth or dare. Happy distracted him with a passionate kiss, so hopefully that will last him for awhile. Keep tuning in for the final few episodes this season.
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