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Team Scorpion is up against mother nature this week in “Twist and Shout.” Walter is still hesitant to include Tim as part of the team. Of course, Tim doesn’t seem to be helping matters. Tim beats Walter’s high score on Proton Arnold, and Walter can’t understand how that’s possible. Sly and Toby, on the other hand, are impressed and wonder if Walter is threatened by Tim’s skills.

If you can believe, the woman that went out with Walter on the world’s worst first date is back. Linda walks back into the garage hoping for a second chance with Walter. After waking up with a bomb strapped to her torso after her date with Walter, Linda hoped to never see Walter again. She tells Walter that she has been thinking about him, and she should give him another chance. She tells him to give her a call, so they can try to go out on another date. I, for one, hope it works out better than the first one.

A retired marine, John Pandova, walks into the Scorpion garage with a new mission. His company is charged with locating and retrieving the remains of soldiers. He says, “We don’t rest until they are home.” The entire team needs no other explanation with the exception of Walter. He doesn’t understand why people want their loved ones’ remains. Paige tries to explain that the families want closure, so Walter agrees to take the job.


Ten marines went MIA in the 70s in Vietnam. On an excavation site, marine clothing was found, and John assumes that this is where the ten soldiers’ remains are buried. The catch is that he needs more tangible evidence in order to get a team out there to dig up the remains and return the soldiers home. John has a personal connection to this case. His father is one of those ten marines. Now, his mother is sick and has about six months to live. He wants to help his family and give his mom the closure for which she’s been searching.

The team plans to use ground penetrating radar to find images of items that could help identify the soldiers. Of course, everything goes awry when a tornado approaches. They are able to get images of dog tags which not only proves that the marines are there, but it gives John and his company reason to dig. Now, the team needs to figure out how to save themselves from a tornado headed straight in their direction.

Since they are in a valley, there is no way out from this devastating tornado. The team must find a way to dissipate the tornado using dry ice. If only they had dry ice. Thankfully, Happy knows just how to make dry ice and send it up into the tornado. While this is a little crazy, I am glad they mentioned that what they are doing only works because they are in a valley, and this wouldn’t work on every tornado in Oklahoma. There are a few tense moments where Paige and Walter almost fly up into the tornado, but thankfully, everyone is safe and sound. Both Walter and Tim seem very concerned for Paige’s safety, and it’s sweet to see.


After the case is over and everyone is heading home, Tim goes to talk to Walter. He asks if Walter wants to get something to eat, but Walter says that he should try to call Linda. Walter says, “I figure, logically, if I have the opportunity to have dinner with a smart, kind, beautiful woman, then I would be a fool not to.” Tim agrees, and we find out that he actually takes Walter’s advice. He asks Paige and Ralph to go to dinner, and it’s hard to tell how Walter feels about this. He acts all tough and mighty, but he still won’t accept Tim as part of the team. After Tim leaves, Walter works to beat Tim’s high score on Proton Arnold. The competition continues for these two.

Poor Ralph has a tough time this week. First, he’s upset that Sly is the one who stays home to babysit. Ralph doesn’t appreciate Sly’s enthusiasm for him or his project. Then after giving his college presentation, his professor gives him a failing grade. As if it couldn’t get any worse, Ralph finds out that the professor didn’t fail him for having a bad project. The professor failed Ralph so that he could take credit for his work. The professor is trying to profit off of Ralph’s project. I guess it’s time to call in Sly’s misfit attorney for help. Here’s to hoping they can get him a win this time.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
While the case was pretty ridiculous, I was much more interested in seeing the relationships develop in this episode. Walter even said that he understood closure after seeing John’s mother’s reaction to receiving her husband’s dog tags all those years later. Our Scorpion team is really moving forward with their relationships. Toby let slip that he’s been thinking about marriage, and that may not have gone over very well with Happy. With how cautious she is, it will be interesting to see how she takes this news. Tim and Paige are heating things up, and Walter is potentially going on another date with Linda. With only a few episodes left this season, what will happen to all of these couples before the finale? Keep tuning in for the final episodes in Scorpion’s second season.
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