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Legend’s of Tomorrow has been a pretty decent show, with some strong points and just as many weak, but nothing was more annoying than Chronos showing up for a couple seconds and then leaving, not to be seen for various episodes. In the latest episode “Left Behind,” the show finally gave us that epic reveal we’ve been waiting for, even if I did call it early on.

The thing one must always remember about “deaths” in TV or film is that if you don’t precisely see their death, then the character is more than likely alive; that is, unless you are in The Flash universe and the Speedforce shenanigans is going on.   

As we saw earlier in the episode, Snart appeared to turn his cold gun on Mick, but we didn’t see him die. That’s because he didn’t! Mick was revealed to be Chronos when he kidnapped Snart instead of killing him. It’s revealed that Mick’s vendetta with Snart is so intense that the reason he let him live is so that Mick can force Snart to watch him kill his sister, Lisa. They do eventually capture Mick, and surprisingly the group comes together and decides that The Time Masters messed with Mick’s head and that deep down, there is a loyal friend left.

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Even though you could see the reveal coming from a mile away, it did wonders for the character that was pretty meaningless up until this point. Jokingly, we gave him the nickname of Boba Fett, since he randomly showed up and seemed cool but didn’t really do much on screen. By revealing the mysterious character as Mick, it provided a nice solid character to pull from. Mick’s ties to the rest of the crew and especially to Snart certainly gives Chronos a much deeper backstory. But, are we to believe that he wanted all this vengeance on Snart because he “abandoned him?” And was he the one that sought out The Time Masters, or was it the other way around? The crew rehabilitating Mick should be quite interesting since he was never the most stable one to begin with, which should lead some hilarious interactions moving forward.

The bulk of the episode was spent at Nanda Parbat, yep we dip into the Arrow Universe here, and I’m happy to say it is quite an interesting subplot. After being left at Harmony Falls, Sara opts to get on with her life because she doesn’t feel that the crew is coming back for her, Ray, and Kendra. So, her first stop is Nanda Parbat, why not get a jumpstart on some League training.

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The scenes at Nanda Parbat are some of the best in the entire show thus far. The small callbacks to Nyssa and Talia Al Ghul are much appreciated, and the fighting is gratifying as usual. There’s just something that’s so interesting about The League, and seeing them here was a nice surprise. Ra’s Al Ghul surprised us as he always does when he was able to piece together that they were from the future, especially since Rip knew absolutely everything about The League and its traditions.

The episode was also rounded out with the side plot between Ray and Kendra. It was pretty interesting to see them have a life together for a couple years. The scenes felt pretty organic and not the least bit rushed, which is something you can’t really say about all CW scenes, but once they got back to the Waverunner things dipped into the slightly annoying category. Ray went back to the needy Ray which doesn’t really seem fitting for the character on the show. I feel like he should understand their situation and that their two years together it would be the last thing on his mind.

Editor's Rating

Overall 80%
Aside from the shaky Ray and Kendra developments, I generally enjoyed the episode even if I could see the Chronos play from a mile away. It was really the only reveal that would make sense without leaving the fan base in the dust and reveling Chronos to be some random person we’ve yet to meet. My only qualm with the show is that Savage supposedly being the main villain is absent from a lot of the show and there isn’t really any other villain to carry the show. Unlike their CW counterparts, Legends doesn’t really have that defining villain of the season. They have used Damian Darhk in the season previously, but he didn’t stick around for long. Overall, the show has been pretty steady, but I’m still waiting for that a-ha moment that has been prevalent in the rest of the CW’s slate of shows.
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