Mission Impossible | Scorpion “Hard Knox” Review

Scorpion is working toward the end of the season on a strong note with “Hard Knox.” Linda and Walter have been dating for weeks, but Toby isn’t convinced that their relationship is really working out. Ralph is going through his trial, since his teacher stole his work. And the Scorpion team gets a new case where they have to break into Fort Knox.

The Scorpion team got a new case this week, and of course, it’s completely off the books. The team must break into Fort Knox to prove that they need to change their security measures. As if that doesn’t sound suspicious enough, no one knows about the mission, and the DoD will not acknowledge them if they do get caught. Already, this case is off to a rough start. But Tim strokes the teams’ egos enough, and they decide to break into Fort Knox and steal a precious artifact.

While the case is thrilling and dangerous, I don’t want to spoil everything about it. Of course, there are a few close calls and near death situations. There are even a couple of double crosses. In the end, the Scorpion team saves the day and protects the world from the bad guys. At least they got a cool tax free million dollars out of it. I’m going to assume that they get to keep the money. But, let’s move on to the character development of this episode.


Poor Ralph has a tough time this episode. He’s trying to prove that his teacher stole his project, but his lawyer, Heywood Jahelpme Morris, is not exactly the best. In fact, he’s never won a case. When it seems like they are about to lose the case, Heywood gets them some more time. Ralph knows that if he can examine the code, he can prove that it’s his. Ralph uses bookmarks in his code to remind himself of places that he needs to go back and fix.

Once they get back into the courtroom, Ralph takes the stand. He points out all of the dates that he put into the code. He used his birthdate because he loves life; he used Paige’s birthdate because of her mothering instincts. But the sweetest date that he used was the day that he met Walter. Ralph explained that the day that he met Walter was the day that he realized he wasn’t alone in the world. It was so sweet that the judge needed no more evidence. Heywood won the case!

Walter was so moved by Ralph using the date of their first meeting that he wanted to apologize about snapping at Ralph earlier that day. Ralph was trying to explain his code to Walter who wasn’t completely understanding it. Ralph got frustrated with trying to explain it when Walter kept barking at him, so he stopped explaining things. Walter told Ralph that Ralph knocked him down a peg since it’s clear that Ralph’s IQ is higher than Walter’s, but that wasn’t what made Walter so upset. Walter was upset that Ralph was willing to let him look in the wrong place because he didn’t want to keep explaining his code. Walter encouraged Ralph to always take the time to explain himself and that he should never hide his intelligence because of other people.


Linda and Walter have successfully been dating for weeks now. She seems very happy with Walter, and he’s happy too. When Toby asks how their relationship is, Walter mentions all of the strange dates that he plans for Linda. Toby says that those are more like field trips rather than dates. Toby is concerned that Linda has damsel syndrome. After Walter saved her life, Linda had a chemical reaction that made her think that she likes Walter. After their case, Walter brings it up to Linda. She is appalled that he would think that she has damsel syndrome until she thinks a little bit harder about it. She seems to feel bad about not liking Walter but agrees that they can stay friends. I’m sorry that Walter and Linda didn’t work out, but it’s nice that Walter is evolving.

While Linda and Walter are going in separate directions, it looks like Tim and Paige are going to work on a real relationship. Tim is leaving to see a specialist about his back. He wants to get back to active duty, so what does that mean for his involvement with Team Scorpion? Paige and Tim do plan to go on a real date once he gets back, but until then, who knows what will happen.

Our favorite Scorpion couple, Happy and Toby seem better than ever. It looks like they finally found a balance between their romantic relationship and their working relationship. Toby accidentally spilled some beer on Happy’s hand and tries to wipe it off. Of course Happy can take care of herself and goes to wash off. Toby sneaks the napkin to Sly who is prepared to get Happy’s exact ring size from the stain. I hope Toby knows what he’s doing.

Editor's Rating

Overall 95%
This episode had a lot of emotion in it. I have really enjoyed this second season of Scorpion. The writers have made sure to give us just enough of the emotional storylines to keep us going while not revealing everything at once. The cases are still a ton of fun, and this episode’s Fort Knox case was no exception. “Hard Knox” was one of my favorite episodes so far, and I can’t wait to see how this season of Scorpion will end. With only two episodes left this season, don’t miss out on Scorpion.
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