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Scorpion aired its last episode before the season two finale next week with “Chernobyl Intentions.” Of course, Sylvester could see the bad news coming from across the world. The team must go to Chernobyl and help to continue containing the lethal radiation before it gets out and kills Eastern Europe.

Luckily for Toby, he gets to stay behind. If you remember the extremely intense ex member of Team Scorpion, Mark Collins, then you know that he is unstable at best. Mark is scary smart, with an emphasis on scary. After their last run in with Mark, he was put in a psychiatric facility. Toby is at a hearing to make sure that Mark stays there. While the hearing is taking place, Toby gets to be the liaison from the garage and avoids the deadly radiation in Chernobyl.

The Scorpion team wonders why out of all of the engineers and scientists in the world, they are needed. It turns out that the dome of concrete that was put over the power plant at Chernobyl is failing. There is corium, a lava-like molten mixture of portions of nuclear reactor core, leaking inside of the building. If it keeps flowing and any leaks out, the damage would be catastrophic. There is a race against the clock to get a bigger and better dome put in place before there is a second Chernobyl incident.


The team of course finds many new challenges that are never laid out ahead of time. Sly and Paige crash land a plane inside of the dome along with their Russian liaison pilot. Their bomb robot blows up and is incinerated by the corium. There are also rods that would cause a nuclear blast if the corium reaches them. Of course, through it all the team works together, and they get out alive. Walter and Paige even shared some very intimate moments. After running out of oxygen, Paige actually breathes extra life into Walter before they get out of the radiation filled dome in time. Walter then asks for Paige to trust him, and they basically bungee jump off of the building with only seconds to spare before they collapse the whole structure in on itself. Phew, everyone will live to fight another day.

Walter and Paige are slightly frustrating at this point. Paige very obviously trusts Walter with her life, and the two would anything for one another. But, neither of them will admit let alone give into their feelings. Everyone else in Team Scorpion sees it. They all even make a crack about how Walter beat Tim’s high score on Proton Arnold because of his jealousy. Tim and Paige have gone on a few dates at this point, but it’s hard to tell where their relationship is headed.


Happy tries to convince Walter on multiple occasions to give in to his feelings. Happy tells Walter that he should invite Paige to the Jazz festival since he has two tickets. He says that there is risk involved, but Happy convinces him to ask anyway. Just as Walter is about to ask, Tim calls Paige. She says that she will call him back, but Walter backs down. He offers the tickets to Paige and for her to take Tim. Paige seems disappointed that Walter wasn’t asking her to go with him, but I’m sure Walter didn’t pick up on her social cues.

Now back to Toby and Happy. Toby is ready to pop the question, but he just needs the perfect ring. Since Happy is such a unique person, Toby can’t just go to any jeweler. Naturally, he goes to a mechanic to help him build the perfect ring for Happy. Toby already has a confetti cannon and the perfect song lined up for the proposal. After Toby gets his custom ring, made from a mechanical nut and a diamond, he is knocked over the head and kidnapped. As if there were any doubts, Mark is behind the abduction. How did he get out?


Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This week’s episode was great. The drama of the case was intense, and the evolvement of the characters was spot on as always. Walter needs to really get over his reservations. He needs to learn that he takes risks all the time when it comes to work. Why can’t he take a risk for love? Paige was clearly disappointed that he wasn’t asking her on a date. Now how can he be convinced that something is there between the two of them before it’s too late? Tune in to next week’s season finale. From the previews, we are promised some gut wrenching scenes along with the return of Tim.
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