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The Blacklist previewed this episode as the one not to miss. The latest episode, “Mr Solomon Conclusion,” brought some heartbreak and many more questions to be answered. We have yet to know who is pulling the strings behind Mr Solomon and his well armed crew, but we did get a sneak peek into at least one man who has eyes everywhere.

Now that Tom and Liz have escaped the church and their wedding, they are on the run away from Mr Solomon. Who ever is in Mr Solomon’s ear has informed him that Tom and Liz are getting away. One thing is certain, Mr Solomon’s friends are powerful. It’s unclear whether or not Liz’s mom is involved. The person pulling the strings sure doesn’t want Liz to be harmed, so it seems that they have some attachment to her.

Mr Solomon is after Liz and Tom. They end up crashing their car to try and escape, but something is wrong. Liz starts getting serious pains and is bleeding. The baby needs to come now. With Red’s connections, Liz and Tom get to a safe place to deliver their baby. Welcome back, Nik, Liz’s doctor friend who is now on Red’s payroll. Since they aren’t in a traditional hospital, Nik will have to make due with the equipment that they have. Nik performs an emergency C section and eventually delivers a beautiful and healthy baby girl. Liz wants to name her Agnus after Sam’s grandmother. It’s a sweet sentiment even if the name isn’t so great.

Photo from the episode "Mr. Solomon: The Conclusion"

Photo from the episode “Mr. Solomon: The Conclusion”

Of all people, Mr. Kaplan is very frustrated with how everything is turning out for Liz, Tom, and Agnus. Mr. Kaplan is so bold to voice her opinions to Red. She says, “This is on you Raymond. Not anyone else. You were wrong to make her believe you could keep her safe.” Tell us how you really feel Mr. Kaplan. Liz is extremely upset with Red and won’t let him near her child, but Mr. Kaplan gets a chance to talk in private with Liz. Unfortunately, the happy family moment passes when Liz can’t breathe.

They need to rush Liz to a hospital ASAP. But, the second they leave, Mr. Solomon will be all over them. They try to use an ambulance as a decoy, but they were still caught. A firefight ensues which only delays Liz getting to the help that she needs. It’s a shame that Mr. Solomon’s employer wants Liz alive because without a hospital, she won’t survive. Mr. Solomon apparently is unfazed and keeps firing on Liz’s guards. Nik pronounces Liz dead before Ressler and the FBI can stop Mr. Solomon. As if that weren’t bad enough, it appears that Mr. Solomon also got away. How will this news affect his employer now that Liz is dead?

Red doesn’t want to leave Liz’s body. He is a broken man at this point. Red asks Mr. Kaplan to take care of her. He wants their people to give her a proper burial. Tom wishes that he could be with Liz in her final moments, but there was nothing that he could do. Tom is terrified of raising Agnus without Liz. Red only says, “You’ll learn fast.”

Photo from the episode "Mr. Solomon: The Conclusion"

Photo from the episode “Mr. Solomon: The Conclusion”

So it seems that Elizabeth Keen is dead. Is everyone buying this? Am I the only one wondering if this is a set up? Everything points to Liz truly being dead, but I’ll hold out hope. We saw Mr. Kaplan talking with Liz after Agnus was born. Red was not privy to their conversation. If you remember, Mr. Kaplan was the one who helped Liz fake her death before. Who’s to say she didn’t do it again? My other clue to Liz potentially faking her death is Tom’s reaction. Maybe he was in shock or didn’t want to disturb Agnus, but I expected him to be more distraught than that. Tom was upset but not angry and wanting revenge like I expected.

During the episode, we saw a mysterious man in a chair pulling the strings behind Mr Solomon and his crew. No other clues were given to Mr Solomon’s employer. Could it be Liz’s mother still? What would she think about Mr Solomon and his men delaying Liz’s arrival to a hospital, thus resulting in her death.

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Overall 85%
This season has been a roller coaster of emotions so far. I’m not sure what I want from the end of this season. I still don’t want Liz to be dead. If she is truly dead, then what? What is next for the task force and Raymond Reddington? Where will Tom and Baby Agnus go? I’m ready for some answers before this season is over. What do you hope to see in the remaining episodes this season? Do you have any theories on Liz’s future on the show?
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