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Scorpion’s season finale was the high intensity episode for which we were hoping. “Toby or Not Toby” showed us just how far ex Scorpion team member, Mark Collins, would go to prove that he is better than Walter and his friends. Thankfully, Tim is back to help the team once they realize that Toby is missing and in fact kidnapped by Mark.

Once the team realizes that Toby isn’t there and hasn’t been answering calls, they start to get worried. Cabe lets the team know that Mark has escaped. They now realize that Mark must be involved in Toby’s disappearance. Sly knows that Toby was going to pick up the ring for Happy, but he knows that telling her about the ring isn’t prudent to finding Toby. Happy knows that he’s holding something back, but he really doesn’t want to betray his friend.

Toby wakes up in a warehouse tied to a chair. He tries to strike up a conversation with Mark to see what he wants. Mark only says, “You’re not going to joke your way out of this one Tobias.” But, Mark continues to talk and reveals that he saw Megan’s obituary. He realizes that Walter was trying to save Megan by preserving her brain. Mark has been working on BBI, brain to brain interfacing, and asks for Walter’s research to complete his own. Walter says that this BBI technology would allow people to communicate with each other via thoughts. Mark wants to advance the science to essentially become a mind reader. Walter knows that he can’t just trade the research for Toby, so the team tries to put together a plan to find them.


Happy, Paige, and Tim go to the mental institution from which Mark escaped and look for clues. Meanwhile, Walter and Sly work on pinpointing Mark’s location. They know that he was using a ham radio to make the ransom call and work on finding him from that. When the Scorpion team misses Mark’s deadline, he electrocutes Toby. The team hears Toby’s screams, and Happy is especially upset. Alas, it was just a ploy. Mark didn’t actually torture Toby. He just played a recorded scream for the team to hear. Luckily, Walter is smarter than Mark and had his suspicions of the fake screams. Mark does tell Toby that he will die today just not by Mark’s hand. He sure has gotten crazier.

At this point, it is clear that Mark doesn’t care about Walter’s research. What he cares about is seeing Toby dead and Team Scorpion suffer. Mark works on getting inside Toby’s head as a mental torture. Mark found the ring that Toby wanted to use to propose to Happy. He tells Toby that there’s no way that Happy would say yes. When Mark says that Happy can’t say yes, Toby asks what he means. Mark just smirks and says, “See how easily I got in your head?” But was Mark speaking the truth or just messing with Toby?

During his communications with the Scorpion team, Mark lets it slip that Toby was going to propose to Happy. Now, Happy feels guilty, thinking it’s her fault since Toby was kidnapped while picking up the ring for her. It’s a good thing that Mark likes to hear himself talk because it gave the team enough time to narrow down a location. Mark tells Toby that he just wants to be smarter than Walter. Toby asks to talk to Happy one last time. He tells the team that Mark is smarter than all of them and that he won. He tells Happy how much he loves her, that he always has and always will. Then he tells Sly to listen carefully.


Sly picks up on the sound of birds. Sly can then narrow down Toby’s location to four buildings in their pinpointed area. The team spreads out to find Toby. Happy and Sly find Toby right away, but he warns them not to come any closer. Mark rigged a giant maze out of dental floss. One wrong move could send a mason jar full of highly toxic chemicals right onto Toby’s head. Using Tim’s help, they start to make it through the maze. Unfortunately they are taking too long, and the mason jar is about to fall. Happy runs at Toby and knocks him out of the way just in time. Now, they just have to find Mark.

Walter found Mark but had to let him go to help save Toby. Mark lets Walter know that he has become weak. All he cares about are his friends and feelings. Mark says, “I am what you made me, and you are what Scorpion made you.” While Mark feels that this is a sign of weakness, Walter finds strength in his newfound emotions. Walter uses his humanity to track down Mark after he escaped. Mark says that Scorpion ruined him, but I think Walter knows that were it not for his team, he wouldn’t be the man he is today. He wouldn’t have connected so well with his sister and with those he loves like Paige and Ralph.

Back at the garage, Toby is ready to propose. Although Happy doesn’t seem ready for his proposal, Toby presses on. He sings a short but sweet song about his love for Happy then gets down on one knee to propose. In a sad turn of events, Happy says that she can’t and that she’s married to someone else. What?! Is this what Mark knew? To whom is Happy married? Of course, Walter thinks it’s his fault that Toby and Happy are having problems. But, he’s only concerned about the team. Had he made them break up earlier, they wouldn’t be in this situation.

Editor's Rating

Overall 100%
Walter had to watch Tim and Paige go off on a romantic weekend together, and he does nothing to stop them. He tells Paige that he should have prevented Toby and Happy from being together because it’s distracting. He talks about how “Toby” would always be thinking about “Happy,” even though it’s clear that he’s talking about him and Paige. Toby sets Walter straight. He reminds Walter that what matters in life is love. He says that his love just walked out the door, but Walter pushed his love out the door to spend the weekend with another man. I guess Walter needed some tough love because he says “I love her. I’m a moron.” We end the season with Walter in his car on his way to try to win Paige over. With Scorpion renewed for a third season, the writers have set it up beautifully. What are you hoping for next season?
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