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The Blacklist delivered an episode which took some of our team back to their criminal roots. “Alexander Kirk” is still on the loose and responsible for Elizabeth Keen’s death. Now that Red has Susan “Scottie” Hargrave on his side, the FBI task force must work with Halycon to catch Kirk. No one is very happy about it, especially since the task force had some nasty run ins with Halcyon in the past few weeks.

Alexander Kirk made a fortune after the fall of the Soviet Union, but he went into hiding after a fallout with the Kremlin. Now, powerful people help to keep him hidden. This would include Senator Diaz, who is primed to be the next President of the United States. Scottie has a connection with him and uses that connection to get to Kirk. Things don’t go exactly as planned. After gaining his money, all $300 million, and his senator, Red uses that leverage. Kirk just says, “You have my money and my senator; you don’t have me.” It seems that he is not impressed.

They blackmail the senator into getting Kirk to them by issuing a subpoena. It looks like they may just get Kirk after all. The senator did seem to have some qualms about selling out his friend for Halcyon and Red to turn around and murder him. He tells Red and Scottie, “I won’t be an accomplice to murder.” With a smirk on his face but in all seriousness Red tells him, “You will if you want to be President.” Yup, that seems about right in the political world.

Photo from the episode "Alexander Kirk"

Photo from the episode “Alexander Kirk”

Tom has always been one of my favorite characters, and he didn’t disappoint in this episode. Tom finally got to be the con man/spy that he is again. While working with Halcyon, Tom proved his skills, so much so that Scottie offered him a job. I’m not sure that Tom will take it, but I enjoyed seeing Tom at his best.

When they work to get a retinal scan, Tom has to get into a party at the Turkish Embassy. He decides to use an old alias who just so happens to have a warrant out for his arrest. With help from Halcyon, he knocks out the guards, changes his appearance slightly, and shows up at the party as part of the wait staff. He slyly knocks the man needed for the retinal scan out by dosing his cigarettes, and they ride away in an ambulance controlled by Halcyon. With the retinal scan, the team was able to steal the funds away from Kirk and the US Senator.

It was hard for me to believe that Tom could put aside his feelings and work with Hargrave. But, on top of that, Tom had to work side by side with Mr. Solomon. It was easy to see the tensions rise, and Tom has true hatred for Solomon. After their bank robbery goes awry, resulting in a young girl being shot by one of Solomon’s stray bullets, Tom isn’t about to let him get away with anything else. Thankfully, Tom saved the girl, and Scottie made sure she got the best medical care.

Photo from the episode "Alexander Kirk"

Photo from the episode “Alexander Kirk”

But that was the end for Mr. Solomon’s partnership with Tom. Once they were alone together, Tom shot Solomon in the gut and left him for dead. Later, when the cops arrive, it appears that Solomon has escaped. How far will he get, and what will Scottie and Halcyon do when they learn what Tom has done?

But, Raymond Reddington may have just dropped the biggest bombshell yet on The Blacklist. And no, it’s not his connection to Liz; do we even care about that anymore? Scottie mentioned to Tom that she lost her child years ago. He just went missing without a trace. Red claims that Tom is that child, Christopher Hargrave. According to Red, Scottie has no idea of Tom’s true identity, and Red wants to keep it that way for now. Of course, the only reason that Red even revealed this information to Tom was to prevent him from killing Scottie and avenging Liz’s death. Scottie tells Tom that they can do great things together. Now that we know Tom is her son, is it weird that she was touching his face? It seemed more flirtatious than motherly. Tom just walks away after saying, “I’m sorry about your son.”

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Overall 95%
With next week being The Blacklist’s season finale, what more will we find out? We got a nice scene at the end of the episode with Agnes’s baptism. Tom made sure to let everyone at the task force know that they are and have always been a family to Liz and Agnes. But, Raymond Reddington is still on the outside looking in when it comes to Agnes. Will anything change with next week’s finale?
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