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The Blacklist delivered a knockout punch to the gut with “Alexander Kirk: Conclusion.” Raymond Reddington and the FBI task force has been working diligently to lure Alexander Kirk out of hiding. Secrets will be revealed and trusts will be lost. And the question on everyone’s mind is answered; why did Alexander Kirk want Elizabeth Keen?

Even with his money and his senator in Red’s grasp, Alexander Kirk won’t come out of hiding, so Red kicks it up a notch. With the stolen oil from a previous case, Red decides to blame Kirk for financing terrorism. He claims that Kirk is bringing oil to America that was bought from terrorists. Since this is actually a false accusation, Kirk’s advisors beg him to show up at the trial. They believe that once he shows that he is cooperating, his powerful friends will take care of him.

All is not as it seems with Alexander Kirk. At one point, we see Kirk hooked up to an IV getting some sort of medicine. We even see him bleeding in front of his advisors; although, it is unclear from what his injury is. After Red and the task force successfully plant the evidence on Kirk, it forces his hand. Kirk is ready to come to the US to face these false accusations. That is until he gets some shocking news.

Photo from the episode "Alexander Kirk #14: Conclusion"

Photo from the episode “Alexander Kirk #14: Conclusion”

Meanwhile, Tom and Agnes are under Red’s protection. Tom finally let Red be a part of Agnes’s life, but it comes with a price. Tom wants to have a part in taking down Alexander Kirk. Now that Kirk is being pushed by Red, he puts a price on Tom’s head. He sends men to kill Tom and bring him Agnes. To find Tom and Agnes, the hitman uses her doctor. Poor Dr. Swanson paid the ultimate price and led the hitman straight to Tom.

Red’s plan has worked. Kirk is on his way to Washington DC to face the accusations. Red and his crew are set up with a sniper rifle to take him out the second Kirk gets out of his car. Cooper and the task force know what Red is planning, and Cooper even offers to help. Thankfully, Red turned him down. On the other hand, Ressler can’t seem to live with himself knowing they are letting Red murder this man, even if he is responsible for Liz’s death.

Unbeknownst to Tom, a hitman is after him and Agnes. In a grocery store, he gives Mr. Kaplan and Red’s team the slip and heads straight to the airport. He’s on his way to Cuba with Agnes, but that’s not all. When Kirk hears the news, he reroutes his plane and heads to Cuba. In DC, Ressler is trying to prevent Red from assassinating Kirk, but it’s too late. Kirk is about to exit his vehicle, but when he turns around, the man isn’t Kirk. A man was sent in Kirk’s place after his last minute detour.

Photo from the episode "Alexander Kirk #14: Conclusion"

Photo from the episode “Alexander Kirk #14: Conclusion”

Now, it’s time for Mr. Kaplan to fess up. Red finds out that she’s the one who arranged Tom and Agnes’s travel plans out of the country. When he explains that Kirk is still after Tom and Agnes, Mr. Kaplan drops the first bombshell of the episode. They aren’t the only ones in Cuba. Tom and Agnes are going to meet up with Elizabeth Keen, alive and well. When Red tries to ask how, Kaplan just assures him that he saw what they wanted him to see.

Tom and Agnes arrive, and Liz is overjoyed at seeing her family together again. They think that they are safe from Alexander Kirk and will never have to run again. Red and Kaplan are on a plane down to Cuba and arrive just in time to see the aftermath. Liz, Agnes, and Tom are all missing. It seems that Kirk found them afterall. Red wonders what he should do with Mr. Kaplan now that they are in danger again. She tries to explain to Red that she was only protecting him from himself; no matter what he tries to say, she assures Red that she did not betray him.

Ressler goes back to see Cooper after the foiled assassination plan of Alexander Kirk. Ressler tells Cooper, “He was ready to take one life to avenge another. In the end, I was going to let him do it. I actually wanted him to do it.” Cooper understands, but then Ressler drops the bombshell. He knows that Liz is still alive. How is this going to affect the team when they return for a fourth season?

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At the beginning of this episode, Red was ready to part ways with the FBI task force. He told Cooper that their time together has come to an end. “We’ve done some good work, but with Elizabeth gone, there’s nothing more for me to contribute. Please take care of yourself and the others,” Red tells Cooper. So now what will Red do since Liz is alive? We end this season seeing Liz tied to a chair in front of Alexander Kirk. He drops the final bombshell before the end of the episode; Alexander Kirk is Liz’s father. What does he want with Liz? Does it have something to do with the medicine in the IV? What did you think of the finale? Did you see any of the twists and turns coming? What do you want to see from the fourth season of the Blacklist?
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