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The previous episode of The Flash provided some heavy story bits that were certain to be played out in “Invincible,”and it provided us a great episode leading into the season finale.

As was seen an episode prior, Barry made his way back to Earth-1, but the Speedforce undoubtedly changed him. The relief of finally getting over the death of his mother and allowing it to not be a burden any long has made Barry ultra-positive. His new sense of goodness might be going a tad too far as displayed in this episode. He is ready to take on every meta out there, including Zoom, but the rest of the crew isn’t so sure that is the way they should be.It’s an interesting dynamic because he has always been eager to help everyone in need, but his sense of invincibility could get him and the rest of the crew hurt, or worse.

Barry isn’t the only one who wants to go after all the metas that were let loose in Central City by Zoom. Wally still has this urge to prove his worth to the world. He has the need to prove that he is worth The Flash saving him, and it gets him into some trouble in this episode. One scene shows Wally chasing down a thief that happens to be a meta. He is about to go after Wally, but Joe tases him. But the only thing this did was to make certain that Wally will do what he feels is right no matter who says he shouldn’t.

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There is a scene where The Flash tries to talk him down, but when he follows the next threat, Wally actually saves The Flash. Barry is after Black Siren, Laurel Lance’s doppleganger so greatly portrayed by Katie Cassidy, after she begins canary-crying buildings down. In this scene, there is one of the best special effects scenes since the finale last season. The Flash darts throughout the building, jumping off debris as it caves down and saves those in the building. But, Black Siren’s call is far too strong for Barry, and she is getting the upperhand on him when Wally speeds in with his car and knocks her out of the frame. Finally, Wally is able to help out.

As happens so often, Zoom is only using Black Siren as a diversion to his master plan, but since the STAR Labs crew is so intuitive, they come up with a crazy plan. Their plan is to have Barry run so fast, while they set off frequency that only affects Earth-2 people creating a sort of dimensional shock therapy incapacitating them. With Black Siren still on the loose, Cisco and Caitlin channel their inner Earth-2 doppelgangers and attempt to convince Black Siren they are indeed the Earth-2 counterparts. Of course this fails in hilarious fashion, but they are able to trigger the device in time.

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The device works, but as Zoom naturally does, he simply just escapes through a portal he creates and jumps on over to Earth-2.

And now, for the most telegraphed death of the show… They all celebrate back at Joe’s place and everything is dandy. They are all far too happy, especially when Zoom is still on the loose. Henry, being a new addition in the last couple episodes was the clear choice to be killed, and he dies in crazy fashion. Zoom dashes in and grabs him and runs off; of course this makes Barry run after him immediately. Finally Wally knows the true identity of The Flash! The Flash follows Zoom to Barry’s childhood home and continues to explain how the two are more alike than they are not. Then he proceeds to do the ol’ vibrating hand pull your heart out move. It was a shocking death in a sense, but it wasn’t all that hard to predict.

Some side scenes that were pretty crucial were from Caitlin and Cisco. Caitlin is having a sort of PTSD and seeing Zoom everywhere, even though he isn’t there. She just can’t get him out of her head, and it will be interesting if he does actually show up and she thinks it isn’t really him. As for Cisco, he vibed throughout the episode, but it was his final vibe that sets everything in motion. He is seeing Earth-2 completely destroy itself. Earth-2 is literally splitting in half.

Editor's Rating

Overall 90%
This was a good episode; although, you could see things happening from a mile away. It stuck close to its solid formula and it was certainly nice seeing Katie Cassidy back in the fold again; who knows if that will continue. It will be interesting to see how Zoom shakes things up further going forward.
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