New Pokémon Sun and Moon Trailer Shows Off New Info

Today, a brand-new trailer showing off some new info about Pokémon Sun and Moon dropped. The trailer, despite only being a little over a minute and a half, shows off some recurring characters, the box legendaries, as well as some surprises.


The box legendary for Pokémon Sun is Solgaleo who is Psychic/Steel. Its ability is called Full Metal Body which negates effects to its stats. It also showed off his exclusive attack, Sunsteel Strike, which looks to be either a Steel or Fire-type attack.


Next is the box legendary for Pokémon Moon, Lunala. Lunala will be Psychic/Ghost with an ability called Shadow Shield. Unfortunately the trailer didn’t explain what it was. It did show off its exclusive attack Moongeist Beam which seems like a Psychic or Ghost-type attack.


After the legendaries, the trailer showed off the Alola region, which is inspired by Hawaii. There looks to be four main islands with possibly some more obscured by clouds. It looks as though each island has a port or two, so the main mode of travel might be by boat.

Trainer customization has returned. Allowing the player to choose between genders and four different skin tones each. This game’s professor, Professor Kukui shows up in the trailer. As well as his assistant, Lillie.  And to top it off, Hau will be the main character’s friend while exploring Alola.


Of course the biggest surprise is that this game’s Pokédex will be sentient. Rotom, the Ghost/Electric-type from Generation IV, will inhabit the game’s ‘Dex. This integration of Pokémon and device will allow the player to communicate with Pokémon in the region.


One big bit of info not in the trailer was that the game will support QR codes. Players will be able to scan QR codes that will reveal Pokémon in the ‘Dex. It will act as if the player has seen, but not captured that specific Pokémon.

Despite saying otherwise, Nintendo will be showing off more than Zelda at E3 as Pokémon Sun and Moon plus Pokémon GO will be shown during Nintendo’s Treehouse Live.

Pokémon Sun and Moon will be available November 18th, 2016 for the Nintendo 3DS.


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