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E3 2016: Xbox Project Scorpio Announced Set For 2017 Release

Microsoft had one more thing to show off at their E3 Press Conference and this one is huge. Microsoft has been working on a new console which will be sharing the same eco-system as the Xbox One. In the phone space you would call this a yearly upgrade but this console Microsoft will be releasing Holiday 2017 will have everything gamers and developers have been asking for and that is more power.

Xbox Project Scorpio will boast a 8 cores CPU, 6 TFlops 320GB/s memory bandwidth, in none technical terms this thing will be able to power a majority of your games in 4K resolution and backwards compatible. This was announced today according to Phil Spencer Head of Xbox so developers can start taking advantage of the dev kits to get games ready for its holiday 2017 launch. Stay tuned with Dual Pixels for your latest E3 coverage

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Jose Estrella

Jose Estrella

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