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FAHRENHEIT – Indigo Prophecy 1080p Remaster Coming to PS4

The press conferences may be over, but the news keeps on coming. Quantic Dream already had a stellar showing with the much loved Detroit: Become Human gameplay reveal, but they had more tricks up their sleeves. Indigo prophecy (Fahrenheit for those not in the US) was a coming out party for Quanitc Dream and David Cage on Playstation 2. While the story does go completely sideways halfway through, the game is quite enjoyable and has the absolute best beginning to any game. It really sets the pace for what’s to come and ups the intensity instantly. Oh, and there are trophies for the remaster for those who like that sort of thing.

FAHRENHEIT – Indigo Prophecy Remaster is set to release July 18 of this year for $14.99 exclusively on PS4.

Note: Quantic Dream has confirmed via Twitter that this is NOT the same “remaster” that was released on PC last year, which is a good thing as that was hardly a remaster at all.

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