You’re going to San Diego Comic Con… Now what?!

So you finally got those coveted tickets to San Diego Comic Con. Now what? It was only a few years ago that I was going to my first Comic Con. I was so excited and nervous and had no idea what to expect! My husband and I took the time to do our research. We wanted to be prepared. Here are my big takeaways from all of the tips out there. These are the big ones!

Bring food and water. Never forget that you can bring a bag into the convention with you. Besides, you’re going to want somewhere to store all of the exclusives that you nab! What people don’t always want to tell you is that Comic Con is a lot of standing in line. Whether you’re trying to get an exclusive or waiting for that special panel, you’ll be in line. Make sure to have some snacks and water available. This way you won’t have to waste extra money on overpriced food and drinks. Also, consider how busy downtown San Diego is for Comic Con. It can be difficult and time consuming to get food and drinks. Trust me and take a peek at the Starbucks line in the mornings at the Hilton next to the convention center. If that doesn’t make you want to bring your own food and drinks, then I’m not sure what will.

Don’t forget to leave the convention center to see everything outside. One thing that San Diego Comic Con does so well is include anyone who couldn’t get a ticket with plenty of free things to do and see. Petco Park is usually all decked out with attractions as well as the parking lot next to it. Also, every year Nerd Machine brings Nerd HQ to San Diego. If you will be in San Diego and haven’t heard of them look it up! Keep an eye out for Conversations for a Cause. You pay for tickets to see a live interview with your favorite celebrities. Although it does cost some money, at least you can feel good about it since the money goes to charities. Last year, the money supported Operation Smile. Be forewarned, these tickets are extremely hard to get.  


You won’t get to see everything, but don’t stress about it. Now this one is important. There are a million things happening at Comic Con. I can guarantee that you’ll want to see just about everything. When you start planning your days, you’ll realize that there are plenty of conflicts. Go into Comic Con knowing that you’ll never get to do everything, and that’s okay. Prioritize the panels that you want to see and the things that you want to do. Also, make sure to leave some time open. If you keep up with Comic Con hashtags on Twitter, you’ll find things pop up all the time that you may want to do.

Plan some of your day. I know I know, this somewhat contradicts my last tip. But, it is important to have some sort of a plan. If you really want to make it to a panel, you may have to plan out when and how to get there. For example, if you’re going to see a panel at 3pm, you may not be able to show up at 3pm or even 2:30pm. Consider the popularity of the panel you’re going to as well as the ones around it. What about an exclusive you want to try to get? You may need to make that your first priority as you enter the convention floor. So while you don’t want to have every minute planned, make sure to prioritize the things you really want to see.

Take a stroll down Artist’s Alley. At my first Comic Con, I came home with so much artwork because I made sure to walk down Artist’s Alley. These artists pay a lot of money to display their art, and it’s all incredible. I know what you’re thinking: Art is expensive. And you’re right. Art is expensive. But, you can find plenty of prints and smaller art pieces that aren’t very expensive. I promise you won’t be disappointed if you give Artist’s Alley a shot and bring home some art. See the below pictures of just some of the amazing artwork that is displayed in our home.


And last but not least, enjoy yourself! This is San Diego Comic Con!

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