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SDCC Artist Spotlight and Intro: Dawn McTeigue

Through some questionable accounting methods, I’ve found that there are over 700 exhibitors at San Diego Comic Con. That means there are over 700 people with awesome things that are vying for your attention (and money) as you are trying to dodge reckless poster tubes and take pictures with your favorite cosplayers. On top of that, you are rushing to catch a panel or meet up with friends, and it becomes quite reasonable to miss out on some absolutely stunning artists that are tucked away on one side of the convention.

Say hello to Artist’s Alley, home to some of the most talented, personable people in the industry. Truth be told, when I stumbled upon Artist’s Alley at my first San Diego Comic Con, I literally did just that. I was turned around and had absolutely no idea what I was looking for or which direction I should go to find my destination. But as they say, all those that wander are not lost.

I managed to find some fantastic artwork of Harley Quinn and just had to have it; even better, it was inexpensive! Score one for the home team. After having experienced the line crush leading into the con and the dash to get to and through lines, I wasn’t really caught up on how different Artist Alley was from the rest of the con. Dawn McTeigue, whose booth I found by happenstance, was more than happy to answer just about any question I could muster. She happily allowed me to watch as she worked on a commissioned piece as well. Dawn has contributed to many works throughout her career, but namely with Zenescope, Aspen and JP Roth including various covers for Lady Death, Red Sonya and more.

Dawn Post

It was in this moment that Artist’s Alley was a place I was sure to never miss.

After having gone to numerous cons since then, it’s safe to say that I’ve purchased more prints than wall space, a trend that appears to be continuing just about every year.

I know San Diego Comic Con is all about getting those exclusives from the huge toymakers and writers and the like, but there’s certainly something that can be said for Artist’s Alley and the various artists scattered throughout the convention. For the next few weeks, we will be writing up articles on artists you absolutely must catch while you are at San Diego Comic Con.  

Be sure to stop by Dawn’s booth, HH-23, and check out her art at the below links.


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