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SDCC Artist Spotlight: Lord Mesa

By following some of your favorite celebs through social media, there’s a good chance you have seen Lord Mesa’s art. Lord Mesa describes his art as chibi-style. I think fun is the perfect word to describe it. Lord Mesa illustrates favorite characters and scenes from the latest movies and television shows. Oftentimes, Lord Mesa will add some dialogue to his illustrations always adding some humor.


Lord Mesa is sure to have something for everyone. Between his illustrations of Star Wars characters to his inside jokes based on TV shows like Arrow, you are bound to smile when seeing this art. One of my favorite illustrations is one of Captain America and Iron Man exiting the theater after watching the Deadpool movie. In the illustration, Deadpool asks what they thought of his movie, but Captain America was clearly just disturbed by all of the bad language. It was such a fun take on those characters, and that’s only the beginning with this artwork. You’re sure to find something to catch your eye from Lord Mesa.


After enjoying his illustrations on Instagram, I was more than excited to see his art in person at this year’s Wondercon. His prints were so much fun, and since they are about the size of a postcard (5”x7”), they make wonderful additions for anyone. I plan to pick up some unique gifts for friends during SDCC this year.


Be sure to stop by his booth in Artist’s Alley, DD-3, and check out his art at the links below.


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