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SDCC Arists Spotlight: JP Roth

As with most things that you will discover at San Diego Comic Con, I found out about JP Roth by pure randomness and proximity. Since she and Dawn McTeigue work closely together, it was easy to find more artwork/graphic novels that were begging to be purchased.

Her novels, aptly named “Rothic Novels,” deal heavily in actual mythology. Having only read “Southern Nightgown,” I can tell you that the worlds in which she creates on the backbone of the fantastical mythology are absolutely beautiful. The story weaves in and out of realistic themes steeped in the otherworldly. Lastly, this (along with her other works I would presume) are so deep with meaning and mythology that I absolutely have to go back for a second read through. From cover to cover, there is just so much to take in, and that’s said in the best way possible. Her stories are paired with some of the best talent in the industry which makes her novels stand out among the crowd.

JP Two

She has worked with a “who’s who” in the industry including, “J. Scott Campbell, Eric ‘E Bas’ Basaldua, Nei Ruffino, Ale Garza, Dawn McTeigue, Mike Krome and Sabine Rich.” Her current novels include the following: Ancient Dreams, Southern Nightgown, REM 8 Theory of Magic and Kiss. (As stated on

Be sure to stop by JP’s booth, HH-24, and check out her art at the links below:





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